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895: Like Father Like Daughter


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Rod and Karen discuss Girl Scout Cookie portion sizes, Taylor Swift loves the kids, Michael Keaton, Pat Roberson, Cakeage, Mo’nique, Kanye, Jay-Z, Bill O’Reily, Rush Limbaugh, John Legend, Capel, Lindsey Stone, 50 Shades, Chris Brown, rape kits in Houston, Incest hour, BallerAlert, scholarship, blind tickets, bride beaten on wedding night and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    I laughed so hard during this episode. When Rod stared trolling Karen about that Father-Daughter relationship it was so damn funny. “Is it just me Karen or is this kinda hot?” Karen’s response? A no nonsense, “Mmm.” Nope! She wasn’t having it and Rod just kept it up. I ran that part back about 3 times it was so funny.

    On a different note, in one of last week’s shows you mentioned the artist Kem, if you get a chance check out his cut Can You Feel It, very smooth.

  2. Kyle

    These incest alert stories are interesting and all, but I prefer the Baller alert stories. Seriously though, did you guys see how all the people who suffered from GSA had some other serious issues going on?

  3. Gem

    one sleeve of Thin Mints is definitely one serving size! quite your lies and hand-waving Girl Scouts of America!

    also – do you guys think there’s a possibility that there is semen in these cookies?? i mean, that’s the only reasonable explanation as to why they’re so damn addictive.

  4. Cappadonna

    I meant to say haven’t.

  5. Cappadonna

    Poor Chris Brown, doesn’t he know Canadians have let random jiggabo criminals in their country since the Fugitive Slave Act? Huh, someone didn’t watch Book of Negroes.

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