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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Sterling from The Gaming and Then Some Podcast to discuss the Walking Dead. Then Justin leaves and we discuss Bill O’reilly, MHP on Trayvon, Arquettegate and TWIB, Baller Alert, Braiding hair, trucker john, drunk teacher, dog bites cops and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Brian P

    I’d like to nominate 3:05 – 3:07:15 for a Tippy because my god that trucker radio back and forth had me in tears! It reminded me of this at the 2:14 mark


    And Rod I hate you for having me listen to that Nicole Sandler show. It started out kinda ok then it just spiraled downward. After listening to this podcast and another one, not to trash the Brilliant Idiots but they do this too, it’s crazy they don’t believe in white privilege or that they didn’t benefit from it. Imani stated to her plainly about male privilege and she accepted it no questions asked, but when it’s white privilege oh no THAT’S when the problem starts. Like in my case I know for a fact that in most cases my voice will be listened to first, I can walk the streets at night almost without a care in the world, and most times I won’t be ripped off my a mechanic simply because I’m a man. Now flip that around with black man/white woman, who’s more likely to go to jail for no reason, who can’t walk around a store without being followed? See she has a problem empathy, she gives off the impression of being inclusive but when other subsets let them know that hey the other thing you said was problematic, she takes it as an attack on her. White woman in distress everyone drop what you’re doing and tend to her. That’s when you decide to get up in arms about it? And the sheer irony of her talking about how her father got the GI Bill and did well for himself when during the same time black peope couldn’t receive the GI Bill is teeeww much for me. I’m screaming in my head that’s what privilege is you idiot!

  2. CBaby

    I sat through Nicole Sandler’s WHOLE podcast episode and listened to her miss a really easy point for 121 minutes and 15 seconds. It was somewhat of a draining listen, but that ‘I Will Survive’ at the end made me chuckle.

    Dude, she made so many excuses for not wanting to understand. ‘I’m not black so I can’t get it,’ ‘I went to school for broadcasting so I can’t get it,’ ‘Actresses can’t talk eloquently or even form independent thoughts without a script, so Patrica can’t get it,’ ‘I need Tim Wise to explain it to me to get it,’ etc.

    Hopefully she comes around and doesn’t need a Tim Wise-type to do so.

  3. Kyle

    Madonna fell off the stage, Kanye Premiered a new song, I might have to start watching the BRIT awards now! http://tinyurl.com/oh299af

  4. Gem

    is it just me or does it seem that Justin’s trolling has significantly decreased since moving to Wednesday nights? i guess Trolling only goes up on Tuesdays.

    anyway, enjoyed hearing Sterling on the podcast. and i really appreciated the conversation around Arquette-gate and TWIB. its mind boggling how anti- learning and understanding some people can be, as if it would destroy their ability to function properly if they were asked to confront a concept unknown to them for the sake of acknowledging and respecting other people’s concerns. good grief.

  5. Jonathan

    Great shows all week and hearing the Reverend Doctor James “Rodimus Prime” Manning on TWiB preach to the sodomites was a treat. Karen is the best part of every show ‘nuff said. Sorry for the long rant.

    Seeing what Elon and Imani went through chiefly due to Nicole Sandler was a tad infuriating. The refusal of Sandler to acknowledge intersectionality as a reality and not part of “needless identity politics” is willfully ignorant.

    If intersectionality divides “progressives” and distracts from shared progressive goals then so is feminism. Gender identity like race is a social construct and feminism by its very definition is identity politics as is Blackness or being LGBTQ. So Sandler by her own logic should shut up about pay equity and talk about raising the minimum wage which would impact everyone, raising all boats.

    I would posit that the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), stopping racial profiling, police brutality, and the unbelievably high hate crime rate against trans-women would be of as much, if not more, importance to other women at various intersections. But what do I know I’m a gay Black dude who knows what intersectionality means since I can read unlike Ms. Sandler, apparently.

    Sandler’s argument seems to boil down to trickle down / lifting all boats but as Amani suggested White feministsTM seem perfectly willing to vote in an anti-choice/anti-equal pay Republican at the same time they berate people of color for not coming out in large enough numbers to defeat those same Republicans. I still remember the former Hillary Clinton voters who worked hard to put McCain in office just so Palin could be a heartbeat away from being president. Black women and to a lesser extent Latina women are the bedrock of the Democratic party, they are almost guaranteed to come out to vote in large numbers and tend to vote a straight Democratic ballot.

    White women are simultaneously the biggest beneficiaries of and recently the most frequent plaintiffs challenging affirmative action. That along with centuries of patriarchy and racism makes me sure equal pay won’t go smoothly. I’m pretty sure White women will get equal pay to White men. I’m also sure they won’t be pushing for equal pay quite as hard for people of color. After all, a Black man with a college degree has the same odds of being hired as a White high school drop out right now and Black women face greater challenges but that’s divisive.

    If Arquette and Sandler are serious about equal pay they need to preach to straight White cis people since they seem to be the ones not willing to help all women or to be inclusive of other women’s concerns.

  6. Amani

    Listening to Patricia Arquette’s comments and the nonsense Elon and Imani got dragged into reminded me so much of the same playbook the Democrats tried to run in the fall when they ran away from Obama before the elections while still expecting Black voters to just shut up and vote for them. That’s why I’m wary of the term ally. That implies a temporary alliance of necessity instead of someone who’s down with you because it’s what THEY believe in. Too many so-called allies think they’re on your side only because they like the idea of it more than the reality.

    That’s exactly what that Nicole Sandler proved. She’s just like the Northerner deflecting their racism because it’s not like they’re from the South, or all those Academy Award voters shitting on Selma but hiding behind the fact the Academy President is a Black Woman or that “they gave” 12 Years A Slave awards last year. She was so upset that she was getting lumped into the wrong type of white person that she couldn’t hear what people were actually objecting to and lost her shit. She jumps up and down and says she’s not Michelle Bachmann at the same time she’s yelling at Imani and cutting her off or lying about what Elon said.

    Hell I remember when Wendy Davis lost in Texas they blamed women for not coming out for her. Black women voted for her over 90%, and Latinas were over 60%. It was white women who only showed up for 32% support. I’d say something about how Arquette should talk to those white womenâ„¢ for not supporting the cause when “People of Color” did, but this tea over here….

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