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897: Back To Africa


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. SugahBabe

    I’m torn on the Mo’Nique issue. On one hand we know that in order to get ahead in most jobs, you need to play some kind of politics to be seen as a team player or leader. You’ve go to attend the company outings once in a while and participate. People want to feel like you’re engaged. I’m not saying it’s right but we’ve all had those shitty job reviews where they rank how agreeable you are and how you get along with others.
    On the other hand, she’s def paying the price for being ‘too black’. She’s paying the price for being too outspoken about black self-love and black empowerment. It breaks my heart that we aren’t allowed to have pride in ourselves before white folks see it as threatening or arrogant.
    Lee Daniels threw Mo’Nique under a tractor trailer and then proceeded to land a plane on her. Don’t call yourself my fucking friend and go on national TV and say that shit. And yes, I know Mo’Nique wrote an essay and quoted him. But there were better ways to respond to that. There seems to be a good deal of resentment between those two. And he went on DON LEMON’S show. I feel betrayed and I’m not Mo’Nique. That’s an asshol-ish move. Sounds like he and Mo’Nique are actually pissed at each other and both took the gloves off. I wish Mo’Nique well. We’re all trying to strive and thrive in a world designed to beat us into submission.

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