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898: The Big Chop


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Rod and Karen are joined by Amber P of The Black Sexy Geek and Mental Podcast to discuss doing a one woman show, dating again, Kid Rock on Beyonce, Karen cuts her hair, light skinned people, Not Gay No More dude, BallerAlert, teen suicide, hamburger beat down, grandma shooting, solitary and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    Bout to go leave a couple bees on that jack asses’ gram right damn now!!

  2. SugahBabe

    Congrats on the new ‘do, Karen. Bella! I can’t wait to get glimpses your new hair journey. Do keep us posted when you can and if you want to. Rod, kudos for being a supportive husband. i know you’re surprised by all the accolades you’re getting as a result of this but trust us, it’s rare that men support women cutting all their hair off. Much love to you both.

  3. NatashaP

    Karen’s haircut is sooooo fly! You do have the perfect head shape to rock a shaaaaarp TWA. I’d like to gift you with some of my favorite natural hair related products, if that’s OK.

  4. Teresa

    I just wanted to tell Karen that I LOVE her new hair. I cannot think of a more adult description but the photos you all posted you look absolutely adorable. You must be having so much fun accessorizing with new earrings, etc.

    My mom has not gone natural in many years. She had an afro when I was really little, then went to a jheri curl, natural and now relaxes. The upkeep seemed more simple but what do I know. I just have really curly hair (type 3b).

    Unfortunately, for most women anyway, many men don’t have Rod’s (and my husband’s) attitude about hair. Which is silly. Get it together fellas!

  5. PrinceLeron

    I watched the Spreecast for the episode and knew something was different about Karen from the beginning. I didn’t notice her hair because she usually has it pulled pack for her headphones. However, I did notice that her lipstick and makeup was on mother fucking fleek. Keep stuntin on em boo.

    Rod hit the nail on the head discussing dudes ownerships of their woman’s appearance. It reminds me of the Cindy Crawford “untouched” pics that were released a few weeks ago. It turned out that the pics were photoshopped to make her look worse than she actually does. Cindy took that as a opportunity to promote having a positive body image but her husband was not having it. He put a picture of Cindy on instagram to make sure everyone knew his wife to still looks like a supermodel. He couldn’t let that story slide because he was so worried about what her perceived image would say about him.

    The fake photos:

    Instagram photo:

  6. Gem

    congrats on the Big Chop, Karen!!! you look great and i hope you enjoy the natural hair journey. make sure you post pics of you rockin those big earrings.

    also, Rod, i think its really great that you are so supportive of Karen’s decision and going with her to get her new accessories to set off her new look. that support is so critical and its great that you both can be on the journey together. i love Black love!

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