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Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s co-workers react to her new doo, Anna Allen, Kanye speaks at a college, sexting doctor, babies on the run, Pat Robertson on weed, nurse suing over Ebola, dog drowns in river, Bill O’Reilly, I don’t love you is emotional abuse in Turkey, shooting at the CIAA, Tinder Plus, Charmayne Maxwell dies, Empire ratings, Mo’nique again, Malik Yoba spills the tea, CBC, Popeo, Caner, KKKrispy Kreme, whooping note, orgy kid, puppy killer, abusive principal, BallerAlert and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anzidavis

    Rod, what kind of poll is this? The poll today about who do I believe between Monique and Lee Daniels, why didn’t you have an answer of “who cares” ? I just think it is a publicity stunt for her new independent movie. Karen, I am with you, I will be celebrating KKK day at Krispy Kreme.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    Over the past few weeks yall have been skipping over “fuckin with black people” because the stories covered did have us fucked with. I was actually beginning to miss the segment, until today. I still enjoy the theme song but that’s about it, we been gettin too fucked with.

    Karen, Rod I had to rewind that radio host about 3 different times to really hear what she had to say. Maybe I’m one of the dumb clucks she was talking about. But hold up, this lady is a Tea Party member. This is the same Tea Party that says “don’t tread on me” and “give me back my rights” but didn’t have anything to say on many of the events that happened between black folks and the police in 2014? Ya know where people ACTUALLY had their constitutional rights taken away? This is the same Tea Party that elects in terrible politicians based upon their level of hatred of Congress right? The same Tea Party that wants guns for everybody but is ok with the police gunning down young black kids holding toy pistols and BB guns? Once a person says “Tea Party” I find it hard to listen to ANYTHING that comes out of their mouth. That group is a walking and talking contradiction, fuck that bitch, her shitty radio show, and the sponsors who support it.

    I’ll leave on a compliment and say that of course I love the show, but I’m also very happy with how the show gets better and better day after day and week after week. I will gladly be renewing my premium membership this year. Peace yall.

  3. SugahBabe

    I don’t care what y’all say, I aint mad at old girl for trying to get with D’Angelo. Under other circumstances, I’d be trying to get with the Black Messiah. Back then, I would have gladly gotten high off his love. *fans self*

  4. Will in Toronto

    Lmfao! Karen killing me wid that weed segment. Y’all might gotta add weed as a seasoning on a future lip smacking good podcast.

  5. Cappadonna

    Oh the “Guess the Race” Section was filled with classic ratchet!! But let’s focus on the three stories about school & college:

    1. All of the Negroes who guessed white on that ass whooping “Guess The Race” story need to revoke their black card. Beating your kid and sending them to school with an offensive & mispelled sign on her? That just screams “Galaxy Grasshoppers”.

    2. And that Special Needs Principal? Man, listen. The Evil Mayonnaise Lover torturing those kids is beyond disturbing. The reason she only got suspension and canned immediately is the double edged sword of tenure. The same functions that protects teachers from being immediately fired for teaching your child evolution or comparative religion is the same protection that allows this Spawn of Yakkub abuse the most vunerable children.

    3. The Christian College firing the dude for exposing the bigot dean. Again, like I say, “I am not surprised”.

    And if that Groupie Tales about of old girl getting with in with D’Angelo back in the heyday of “Voodoo”, that slice of Devil’s Pie must been worthy since she left girlfriend wet since the Clinton Administration. He’s got that Ol’ Chicken Grease, cause she got One Mo’gin. She writing about an encounter from my freshman year in college? She defintely got a Jonz in her Bonz. Now, back to that “Black Messiah” before a brother clocks out.

  6. Gem

    its never not funny to me to hear Rod type out his comment on Baller Alert. i cackled at “how does it feel?” – well played, sir.

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