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901: Sweet Ass Biscuits


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Phonte Coleman to discuss skits in hip hop, recording for Black Dynamite, The Walking Dead aka DeyWalking then we let Phonte go and we discuss Ben Carson, a news anchor prank, Patricia Arquette, Chris Brown had a break baby, NO3 club, black man fan club, HBO online, BallerAlert, beer for a on year old, deer dad, shoplifting ultimatum, penis cake, penis chewer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    Really good episode. TWD recap was funny while still hitting all the important parts of the show. Phone as before was a great guest and it was cool that Justin don’t know how to ack’ ’round company and was his usual ratchet self.

  2. Will in Toronto

    Another dope review! Man I was laughing my ass off when Carol walked out that door looking like a Martha Stewart / Angela Lansbury mash up. She selling that image hard to these Alexandria folks. She playing them like a fiddle.
    Can’t wait til Glen get to lay them paws on that punk ass dude. 1 episode in and I already can’t stand his ass.

  3. AJtheEngineer

    Great recap yall, it was cool hearing Phonte’s opinion on the episode. But I did keep singing “all you niggas should swim” as he talked. I had a couple questions regarding Carl’s emo girlfriend. Do you think that was the girl inside the house that Carl saw as they first entered the gates of Alexandria? I think the girl has a route she takes often to get to and from Alexandria. Do yall think she’s just a teenager doing some random wandering because she’s not used to her new surroundings or does she have some kind of dark plan? The fact that comic said “Wolf Fight” got me thinking again about Noah’s town and where those terrible people might be lurking. Now that the group is further north do you think we’ll see more types of weather?

    As I’m writing this feedback I see Rod is live tweeting Empire….bruh. Rod, cmon man, how good was Andre this episode?? I was worried as hell when that elevator stopped with all of them still inside. There were so many bars dropped this episode I might have to watch it again.

    Peace yall, have a good weekend.

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