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BDS 93: Eagles Fan No More


Rod and Justin discuss listener emails, Ron Artest, 20K wedding band, Aaron Hernandez DNA on blunt, Steve Francis’ chain recovered, Larry Donnell, Kurt Busch not charged, DJ Swearinger steals his own car, Chris Johnson, Robeiro, Syracuse penalized, NFLPA up for grabs, dunk contest fail, Cashman, Peyton Manning pay cut, Tiger Woods, Greg Hardy, Daniel Murphy, NCAA scoring in basketball, Ray Allen, Brian Shaw fired, Jimmy Butler loses a bet, JJ Watts lying, FIFA wants women to watch football in Iran, Black Jesus is MJ, Sulaimon, Brandon Marshall traded, Swaggy P and This Week In Mamba.


  1. PrinceLeron

    No longer being a fan of a team can be a delicate process, I have done it twice. I stopped being a fan of the colts the year before they won the Super Bowl. I felt zero emotions as Peyton raised that trophy. I also stopped being a fan of the Sacramento Kings after the Lakers beat them in 2002 and Chris Webber ACL the next year and came back with a flattop. I went through too much torment because of them dudes going so far and losing. It took me until like 2006 until I stopped checking for stats.

    Also I don’t believe that the change in scoring is due to lack of talent in the college level. Scoring is down at all levels of basketball because of the style of play have changed. Teams with subpar talent figured out that slowing down the game is the only way to them to compete.

  2. Will in Toronto

    Shady not playing with the Eagles no more! *Yeezy voice*. Dawg it’s hard as hell being an Eagles fan bruh. It’s like having an old car that be in the shop every week and you just keep pouring money into it. I should let this team go but damn it I done invested all these years so I can’t stop now.

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