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910: Race Together


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Rod and Karen discuss Family Guy, tint laws, break away condoms, Jellyfish are assholes, Sam Brownbeck, mac n cheese recalled, baby beer bottle, office pool guy loses everything, fat people gotta stand, no gay kissing on the train, women want kids less than men now, no room to bury people, hit and run mom, Peter Kindler says the DOJ is more racist than the Ferguson PD, Raven Symone on Michelle Obama, Romeo Miller riles up Instagram, Starbucks Race Together campaign, BallerAlert, McDonald’s fight, Justin Harris, snorting ashes, earring thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. CB

    Not sure which episode yall talked about it but James Robertson (walking Detroit man who came up) was paying too much rent for a room. He was paying a couple hundreds dollars a week to live with all those people. Can’t find the article I saw it in but this one says he was paying $880 a month and now has an apartment for $800. I hope he had a room to himself because I’m not paying anyone $880 for a ROOM that I gotta share with them if we’re having sex. http://www.newsday.com/news/nation/james-robertson-detroit-area-man-who-walked-21-miles-to-and-from-work-gets-apartment-1.10071943

  2. Cappadonna

    Sigh, Starbucks silly ‘Kumbya” experiment is why its best to leave social justice to the professionals. Fortunately, there are too many darkies at my local Starbucks for the community college educated baristas to start discussing critical race theory.

    – Cappa

  3. Janica

    Aw man yall took me back to college days. We used to go to Cici’s on Sundays after church. So nasty. You might as well put sauce and cheese on cardboard. Oh the struggle

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