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911: Motherdick


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Kriss from the Movie Trailer Reviews Podcast to discuss #DeyWalking, church flooding steps, fashion homophobia, Santorum fields a question, Trinidad James on the n-word, balleralert, coffee crime, Darth Vader bank robber, dog cages and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    This episode was so good I listened to it so much it felt like I had it on rotation. That was the funniest most rambling ratchet TWD recap ever. Chris needs to guest on these shows more often. Was doing OT, thought I was in the office alone and had this blasting over the speakers until one of my co-workers materialized from her cubicle and asked, “What the hell are you listening to?” I explained, apologized and said I’d listen through my headphones and to my surprise she said, “No, leave it on. They’re funny” Y’all over here making new converts in the 808 State one DeyWalking episode at at time. She was the second one in as many days!

  2. Tonya

    I’ve never left a comment, but I love and listen to your show faithfully. I believe this is the episode you talked about Dolce and Gabbana. I think you missed the part of them being gay themselves and was a couple for YEARS! They started that line together, so for them being two gay males that lived together for years to feel that way is a little …wtf! Anyway, I never watched the walking dead until your podcast and listened to the reviews for weeks until I gave in and finally binged on Netflix and #DeyWalking fo life!! It’s a great show and I always look forward to your reviews with J Dolla (Creflo Dolla crazy ass). Off to finally leave my 5 star review. Love you guys, please don’t chage **begs like Keith Sweat**

  3. Kyle

    That crazy old lady was the best! Her rant was just as layered as Kendrick’s new album. Every time I listen to it I come away with something new. My favorite part is
    the look on Rick Santorum’s face, he had no idea what to say at all. And did anybody else catch the part where she said she was a high school teacher?
    The same woman who believes that Obama tried to blow up a nuke in Charleston is passing on her knowledge.

    Anyway, great show.

    Communist dictator

  4. Cappadonna

    I’ll keep it short -since Rod will sigh over my long ass posts. I apologize, so I’ll keep really short:

    First, I don’t watch the Walking Dead (too much good nerd TV to keep up) but I honestly say that #DemThrones is a masterpiece in fandom podcast. I can’t wait for #DemThrones to return.

    Second, I’m not surprised that Rick Santorum would placate to a crazed bigot rambling about, I have absolutely no idea what that she devil was talking about. This man’s morality is stuck in the 1750’s, he’s too backwards for the average Tea Partier.

    Third, Don Lemon, just Don Lemon. That is all.

    And as soon as you said a couple dudes in CT killed a cat over spilling coffee, I just sadly knew the answer to “Guess the Race”. As Leonard Brothers can attest, this was a gimme. As a New Haven native, any ignorant ratchet from the home of Yale and the hamburger is almost always bound to be Carolina breed of gazebo gorillas or their Spanglish speaking cousins from Puerto Rico. Not hate, my Pops was born in Greensboro. Elm City represent, I guess.

    Have a good Weekend!

    – Cappa

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