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912: TBGWT Needs A Jet!


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    Shiiiiiiiiiit!!!! The #TBGWT family gonna pool all our tax return money together so Karen and Rod can get that jet. Dig deep y’all. Skip a few Jordan releases, cancel your netflix, quit smoking them cigarettes. We putting every penny we got towards that jet.

  2. SugahBabe

    Hi Karen and Rod:
    Last week’s podcasts were excellent but I wasn’t able to comment because as Karen said: ‘adult responsibilities’.
    First things first, I papa:

    1. Re: Jellyfish. Wasps are the jellyfish on land. They are nasty and absolutely unnecessary. They don’t pollinate, they’re not food for any other creature. They don’t enhance nature in any way but still they turn around and sting us for NO. FUCKING. REASON. I have a personal grudge against them. I was 8 or 9 and walking from school to the bus, minding my own business, when out of nowhere, this motherfucker fly down and takes a chunk out of my knee. Worst pain. I was just in this fucker’s flight path. That’s it. I’m scarred for life. I HATE wasps. Fricking assholes.

    2. Apple products: I really hate the Apple vs. others wars. Even though I mainly use Apple products. It’s not out of any kind of superiority shit but because that’s what we used when I went to university in the late 90s and we specialized in journalism and web development/design. I then worked in an agency where all our comps were Apple machines. It’s what I’m familiar with it and for now it works for me. if and when it no longer works for me, then I’ll switch. But I can’t stand the grandstanding from the Apple fanboys/girls and I can’t stand the Apple bashing from the others. Here’s a rule: you don’t have to like everything but no need to bash it with such unnecessary fervour.

    3. Which leads to music: I really love music. But I’m very protective of my tastes because I realize people LOVE to shit on other people’s musical tastes. I’m too old to defend what I listen to. Music makes me happy and if it’s the Ying Yang Twins, Celine Dion, Vybz Kartel or the Black Keys, let me live. I listen to Bomani’s podcasts and people really get in their feels about what he likes. I know what moves me and it doesn’t matter if someone says it’s shit cause I don’t need your validation. Although, I must admit that after hearing y’all rhapsodize over the new Kendrick Lamar, I got curious. I’ve added it to my Spotify playlist to check out later this week.

    4. And lastly, re: angry feedback. I had an equally angry feedback email in my draft re: that lady who complained about the Black Caucaus not going to listen to Bibi Netanyahu and that they should all be hung by nooses. I felt so fucked with. But I guess it was an accumulation of being fucked with in real life and listening to the show. Ultimately, I decided it was too vitriolic to send and that I should try to live up to being sugary.


  3. Butterbean

    Hi Rod and Karen! Whether this will get you two to go over “You Got Me Fxcked Up” or not, I apologize for pegging yall as Kardashian apologists in such a harsh manner. I was out of line. I love you guys! It sounds like Karen is planning on reviewing Empire along with The Leonard Bros. I’m looking forward to that while I wait for Dem Thrones to return.

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