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913: White Genocide


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Rod and Karen discuss Suge Knight fainting again, Fish sex on a phone, fapping on a plane, play pants, Satan’s equal rights, cali running out of water, Tanks talks about Kanye, Stephen A Smith thinks all black people should vote Republican, woman is robbed of her baby, woman raised by lesbians is anti marriage equality, Bel Air call, Frat defender, #RaceTogether memo, the Big Chop leads to a fight, March Madness and Ashley Judd, semen in coffee, white genocide video, BallerAlert, man who cheers up by flashing penis pics, run over teens, a student is pushed and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    The article on the couple at odds over the woman cutting her hair just showed how some men treat their lady like property.

    A woman having to check with her man to see whether or not he’s cool with her cutting her hair is some bullshit. If hair can be such a contentious point between two people then how do they discuss raising kids or decide on becoming home owners or even where to live?

    I’ve always found it funny how a women is expected to be physically everything a man wants her to be at all times but meanwhile dudes could never handle the truth if women started treating us that way. If that dude came home from the barbershop and she told him that his hair cut mad him look gay he would be all in his feelings.

  2. TrevorH

    As a black person born in South Africa and now living Australia I just started laughing when that chick said “This race problem would only be solved if millions of non-blacks were brought into every black country and only black countries.” Like you said, this “revolutionary” concept a.k.a colonisation has already been tried. I’m trying so hard to believe anyone can be this stupid and oblivious to basic world history. So I’ll just assume this was just bad trolling. Still 100 for fucking with black people.

  3. Kyle

    I think you guys are being too hard on Stephen A. Smith, he just wants a spot on Fox News.

  4. AJtheEngineer

    Rod…Karen….that video has a point. Maybe TBGWT should be more diverse and integrate with white people, like Nicole Sandler.

    Aight I’ll stop trolling.

    I’m writing this feedback on Wednesday, on Tuesday’s Twib Prime an actual White Genocider called into the show and tried to tell Elon and Imani what’s up. The best part was when Aaron started snappin on the dude. I’m not surprised there are people who believe in this shit, but I guess I’m more suprised at how aggressive they are when arguing. At any point in time you can counter these genocide arguments with historical facts but that would require these white folks to listen and acknowledge their role in past centuries. But then these same people require you to acknowledge that “new” history they just pulled out they asses, fuck em.

    Not to be petty,but that blonde girl with the southern accent looks like she sucks and fucks black men and enjoys it…make daddy a sandwich.

    Yall have a good weekend,


  5. Animaine_Sparkster

    Oh, sweet baby Jesus. Not the White Genocide crowd. I was wondering when one of their batshit insane videos would make it onto TBGWT. I had a bit of a run in with them a few years ago when I 1st found out about the whole “Anti-Racist is codeword for Anti-White” movement on youtube. I made a video addressing their “arguments” and when it got posted on their main website, my comment section and inbox was instantly flooded with everything from refutation attempts to death threats. They’re probably still commenting on my video as I type. I’m glad y’all had fun with them.

  6. Janica (pronounced ja-knee-cuh)

    Well… to lighten the mood. Nicki’s verse is the last one on the 5 Star song. It’s the best in my opinion. Yall should skip to it one day while it’s still Womens Historyyy. OK bye. Love you guys

  7. Anonymous

    Great show and opinions at times but You are as bad as O’Reilly and them with how u spin things for gays and your anti christianity comments but then when black folks are marginalized you are upset as am i but. Not for certain topics right?ok like when u played that trunews clip you admonished him for anti gay starements but he didn’t single out gays but all sinners. As well as the girl with same sex parents u attacked the dad but the mom left him for another woman and we dont know if she made it tough to see his daughter we dont know but u attacked him just be fair

  8. PrinceLeron

    I guess the overlying theme of this podcast is that woman can not catch a break. If a woman does something “unpleasing” such as cutting her hair or gaining weight, she is demonized for not being attractive representative for her man. But if she looks too good, how dare she, that isn’t becoming for a wife and mother. And don’t you dare discuss March Madness because you are then inviting rape threats. I wonder how differently Fox News would have reacted if Ashley Judd was a known conservative instead of a a very popular progressive.

    Also, can we kick Stephen A. Smith down the moon door. Could he have been any more disingenuous with his concern for the disenfranchisement of black voters. He only wants black people to vote republican because he is a republican. This nigga even brought up the history of democrats and republicans ignoring the dixiecrats and the switching of ideology following the Civil Rights Act.

    Lastly, I slammed a gluten-free turkey wrap when that one chick said “The Final Solution to the black problem” in that white genocide video. Really dog the Final Solution. They snuck that joint in there twice.

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