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914: Planks For The Memories


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Rod and Karen are joined by Nic and Reggie of the What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss doing adult taxes, Pharrell is a fashion icon, Direct TV vs the FCC, Teen spends 30k that wasn’t his, another disgusting frat letter, Nic was called a coon once, Food Network murder, sister suicide pact, Mo’ne Davis, Race Together is over, Zoe Saldona, Bee’s sting old man, Ted Cruz running for president, Darren Sharper, Masika THOT suit, plank death, booty shots, Easter Bunny, OJ shooting, hazing the ex-wife and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chris from Hawaii

    Aw man this was such a good show! Whenever Nic and Reggie are on it’s extra fun to be had. Who here still doesn’t remember the infamous “Blood in the Glitter” episode? For some reason Rod and Reggie seem to get another gear of ratchetness when the other is around. Karen snuck her jabs in and I felt for Nic when she told that story about being called a coon. The plank/wood pounds were thrown about fast and furious. Great episode!

  2. Will in Toronto

    As usual Nic & Reggie added their dope flavor to the podcast. Doesn’t matter who y’all have on the show y’all always form like Voltron.

    Y’all had me rolling at all them jokes about the plywood. Getting to the root? Ya stumped? Final destination tree? Shame on y’all for making me laugh this hard at a tragedy.

    Mad props to Mone Davis. She took a high road I’m not sure I could have and and still managed to son that jackass in a classy way.

  3. Anzidavis

    the puns on the show were on fleek

  4. AJtheEngineer

    I saw that frat letter a few weeks ago and was hoping you guys would talk about it. I know “not all fratboys” are as bad as this dude but its time to admit….a majority of white frats and sororities aren’t welcoming to people of color. And I’m mad the dude knew the difference between “nigger gal” and “no consent my niggas”, this white boy been learning. I hope communication like this keeps being found and released to the public because I’m tired of hearing these media anchors saying theses are all isolated incidents or caused by rap music.

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