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915: The Drug Game


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Rod and Karen are joined by Mel from The Good and Terrible Show podcast to discuss podcasting, talking to fans, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Justin Moed, body in the freezer, John Legend interview, radioactive maxi pads, historical tampons, Gloria Steinem, marvel porn parodies, no NCAA charge, Akilah Brock, Is love blind, Kelly Rowland, Ted Cruz signs up for Obamacare, Baller Alert, Netflix thief, cancer faker, sharing a home with Mariah Carey, child porn teacher and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Will in Toronto

    Yo my #TBGWT neighbors to the south need to do us Canadians 2 favors.

    1 – Make sure that jack ass Ted Cruz gets crushed at them poles if he even makes it that far. Matter of fact, don’t even let him get past the 1st debate. Can’t stand that dude

    2- Make sure he don’t come back up here. We never claimed that fool here in Canada and we ain’t about to start now.

  2. SugahBabe

    Mel for the win. Loved her quips.

  3. Anzidavis

    it is so ironic that Ted Cruz needs to use Obamacare LOL

  4. AJtheEngineer

    First, great show once again yall. It was great hearing Nic and Reggie yesterday and getting to hear Terrible and Terrible today.

    Second, fuck Ted Cruz. I can’t believe this country sometimes. I remember learning in high school that you had to be born in the US to run for president. So why can Ted Cruz even enter when we all know his ass is from Canada? Did you hear that he used to like rock music until 9/11 and then he became a country music fan? Man If he don’t get off the dicks of these white folks and have a seat somewhere.

    Third, Beauty and Ceej are killing me during these Baller Alert comments. That lady said “jimmywine” and Ceej called her out for being old as shit LOL. This story irked me, not because of the unnecessary drug tales but because of the punctuation. DAMN. Rod I saw that post about your “bigot spin” on facebook earlier in the week. If you want somebody to actually hear your opinion, why not spend a few minutes proofreading your shit before posting? I’m no grammar nazi but c’mon man, that FB post had periods and commas placed in the middle of words and shit….and you’re supposed to listen to his opinion? Na son try again.

    It’s just like that last episode of Walking Dead, Rick was making some good points…but he also had blood spilling from his face and was pointing a gun at everybody…in that context I kinda don’t have to listen to you.

    Yall have a great weekend,


    (AJ3000 in chatroom)

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