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916: Don’t Be A Rick About It


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Mak and D of MakAndDWatchTV to discuss The Walking Dead and then Justin leaves so we can really have a good time. We discuss Kerry Washington at the GLAAD awards, black homophobia, Taraji’s son get profiled, breast milk from the Internet, Judge Joe brown going down, Ludacris roast, Michel’le discusses abuse, witness to consent, rape culture, balleralert, fugitive crying, carjacking the cops, taking the kids for snacks, shot boyfriend and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amil


    At the end of that episode, during Rick’s rant, the only thing I kept thinking about was Terminus. I see a definite parallel between Alexandria and pre-human barbecue Terminus. You have to remember that at first Terminus was a bunch of bright eyed optimists welcoming strangers, until they welcomed the wrong group that ended up brutalizing/raping them and changing their whole outlook.

    I kept thinking, what if Rick’s group would be the one to turn Alexandria upside down? Transform them from the doe eyed optimists trying to build a new world, to a set of hardened killers set on destroying all comers.


  2. Miss Krysable

    Uh huh, yeahhhhh, suuuuure. That’s right put all the CT ratchetness on to Mr Brothers by all means do so…

    Real talk when y’all were talking about Homegirl jacking up her boyfriend I was holding my breath a little a lot hoping I didn’t need to make no phone calls checking on clients smh. Bridgeport is the epicenter of CT ratchetness. Just told Bae that they still stuck in that 90s The Wire mentality smdh.

    Also, I guessed the race of that teen who stabbed that dude at the McDonald’s in Stamford over spilled coffee when the young, white, TX transplant talked about how nervous he and his girlfriend were now because of it. Just told him he missed all the fun stuff in the 80s and 90s <_<



    Miss Krysable

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