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917: Bee Racist


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Cirque du SoBae (@brownandbella)

    I corrected my jacked up post with a 2nd post but yall gon publish the unedited version? Cold blooded. I promise I’m not writing impaired, don’t judge me when yall read that on air.

  2. Tanya

    I’m late in posting this, but Rod’s comment on I think episode 909 where he said white people take the boxed mac and cheese and throw away the macaroni, and then snort the shitty powdered cheese had me laughing so hard!! I freaking love TBGWT.

  3. Cirque du SoBae (@brownandbella)

    Lemme tell you, Rod – I’m with you. FUCK bees as a staff, record label and as a muhfuckin crew. I’m super allergic to bee stings and have been since I was a kid. I found out when I got stung in elementary school during recess and my throat swelled shut in class and a bitch almost died. And my blood must be sweet because I’ve been like a million times after that, once requiring hospitalization because I was stung by 10 of em on a during an outdoor lesson in high school and they didn’t have an epi-pen. Bees are assholes and my life is too precious and my lungs are too asthmatic for the BS. Fuck bees.

  4. Sterling H

    I’m crying at Rod recalling each time he was violently attacked by a bee or wasp. Sound like you got
    ( •_•) ….( •_•)>;⌐■-â–  ….(⌐■_â– )

  5. Orlando Green

    Hey there Rod and Karen!! First off, Karen the hair is flawless!! Second, I’m sitting here listening to the feedback episode and I wanted to lend a little insight to “Pimp Daddy”.I know you have a lot of Louisiana folks in here and I’m sure most can tell you the same thing I’m about to. Pimp Daddy was a local New Orleans rapper and he had has moment in the early 90’s. I got a little nostalgic when you played the snippits. I’m honestly surprised it was on Spotify. I don’t think he ever made it out of the crescent city. Just wanted to let you know a little bit about “Pimp Daddy”. Y’all take care!


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