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Rod and Karen are here for you in your time of need to discuss Zayn leaving One Direction, dancing black girl, Indiana’s new discrimination law, HIV outbreak in Indiana, Standford cheaters, Michelle Obama, American Apparel, Taraji apologizes, sex for an A, Germanwings pilot, Home, Ellen Pao loses, tasering a woman for cheating, Kincannon goes berserk on wife, explosive house, Fortune leaders list, ugly marriage result, MSNBC apology, cyber bullying, flag noose, SAE findings, ATL HIV, feminist lingerie, Empire spoof, balleralert, drive thru flasher, drunk lover, real estate fraud and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    Every time I see comments like IMF I get so disappointed Black people are making arguments like this and defending bigotry like that Indiana law. Throwing a ball overhand is unnatural but nobody is trying to discriminate against baseball players. I had to go into work last Sunday, nobody came to put me to death like it says in Exodus 35:2.

    Just say you don’t like people who identify as LGBTQ and own that this is more about freedom to be a bigot than any threat to your religion. But just know for most people that passed this law that bigotry includes shutting out your black ass too.

  2. Kate Sherrill MLS (@KateSherrill)

    I know you guys said for Indiana folks – aka Hoosiers – to stop listening, but I can’t. It’s shows like TBGWT, TWiB, and Kagro in the Morning that keep me sane living in this wacky red state. I had chances to leave in the past, but family ties kept me here and I’m determined to work to make Indiana a better place for my nieces and nephews. I do voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities to try to get the younger, more progressive Hoosiers involved.

  3. terror-lyn

    Taraji apologized after seeing the police dash footage and the cop was beyond reasonable and her son could’ve been in a lot more trouble. http://lat.ms/1BQ59d5

  4. IFM

    How dare you compare being black to being gay!!! You do not choose your race! You do not get to being in the closet about your race! Don’t give us that coonery BS! Homosexuality is not natural. PERIOD.

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