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919: Fix Karrueche’s Life


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Rod and Karen discuss Iyanla fixing Karrueche Tran, DOJ fighting for trans rights, Destiny Child reunion, Terrence Howard ex wants money, sidechick at the funeral, mass exorcism of kids, Young Dro arrested, Trevor Noah is the new Daily Show Host, NSA attack, Tidal, UMW Rugby chant, Andre Caldwell, Michael Sam, applying to HBCU discouraged by charter school, TSA targets natural hair, Mo’ne Davis blogger gets it wrong, officer Robocop, BallerAlert, Salsa Stabbing, teacher in love with 11 year old, pedo on a plane, a woman goes Suge Knight on her rival and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amani

    You guys nailed it with the Mo’ne Davis apology stuff. And I won’t even say it’s people just looking to be outraged but folks have been so traumatized by this stuff they’re reacting defensively to stuff that hasn’t happened.

    If you’re mad at the media narrative making it about Black people’s willingness to apologize (which I didn’t see except from people fighting against it) then go after that narrative, not a thirteen year old girl for HER choice to forgive someone who said something about HER.

    Just because she forgives him doesn’t mean you have to if you’re still upset. Just like if you see Black people behind the SAE kid as forgiveness props means you still being pissed about it is invalid. Some people just get so caught up because we can all see the media jig coming that ptsd kicks in and they go a little too deep like that article criticizing Cyborg this week or people arguing Black exceptionalism as a requirement.

    Anyway appreciate y’all and it’s been another great week of shows. Don’t forget to take some time for yourselves. Hitting up those donations to get that TBGWT jet so this year’s vacation can touch every continent in Africa with Raven Symone

  2. Kyle

    I just want to know how Jay-Z and Tidal are going to deal with the record labels, since Tidal is supposed to give artist better returns than Spotify. As somebody who will still pay for music, I just want to know if my money will reach said artist. The music festival in my city is going to have Kendrick perform and I don’t want to worry about whether or not my money is going to interscope instead of him.

  3. Chloe C

    Yikes, at the above comment. Anyways, that pastor was really irresponsible. Not everyone who attends church is even exposed to the idea of the ‘Holy Spirit’ manifesting. I was 19 when I first saw people falling out, getting holy laughter, speaking in tongues, etc BUT I had an amazing pastor who explained what would/might happen and that it was OK if you didn’t feel any of that and she mentally prepared us (as much as she could). I can’t imagine being a young kid and diving right into that. That pastor probably traumatized those poor kids.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Rod and Karen it’s your favorite homophobic bigoted buddy lol. I was going to send you a follow-up comment after i heard you mention my first comment on your show but i heard you might comment on the feedback show so i held off so yall could party some more.I wasn’t disappointed at all, not Martha on the Bieber roast but pretty darn good. I personally love the green giant comment and the Mr.Salty one was genius and partially fitting at that moment.Which brings me to my first segway, I want to apologize for my O’Reilly comment I don’t think what I said was true you are way more true to yourself then any of the talking heads on either side and would probably tune in if you were on tv.(I don’t listen to any of them for the record) I also am as big a fan as you guys think I’m illiterate which makes me a die hard probably? Lol.I am an expert in guess the race,I think Bill could kickstart His career going again if he stars in a new blockbuster remake of Nightmare on elm street with him starring as Freddie Krueger” don’t go to sleep” when black people are f’d with I’m f’d with which is why when you hit me with the white genocide voice i was dying.and lastly your baller alert segment is very interesting and interestingly enough for me a short half black and white guy that im holding more than some of today’s favorite quarterbacks and rappers lol .I think your show is hilarious and the sky is the limit for you both but only God knows. Which brings me to my last segway I want you to know that i agree with alot of your outlook on a variety of views but of course I disagree with a few as well but I would quote you who has said some things you should not get an opinion on for me that is The Lord His Book and His Name and the reverence of. Time is short so I’ll be try to finish the longest comment ever quickly, as a quick backdrop for context l am a couple years older than you, am the oldest of 3 boys and a girl,3-different dads all dead beats with a single white mom who from graduating college with 2 majors and minor while waitressing because she had to take care of herself because she was having a half black kid got beat into labor with yours truly 3 months early and chased to your boy Leonard Brothers own Bridgeport ,Ct early. after a few apartments. A few more kids and a few apartments getting robbed my mom moved us out of the city where we proceeded to get removed from the town via KKK i had to trick or treat at my own house that year and i knew what it was i got called nigger at school while they loved Michael Jackson and Prince???Then Cross burnt on lawn ,then broken windshield then sugar in gas tank Then back to Bridgeport. So i know about racism and i also know different churches wouldn’t accept my mom because she had mixed kids and wasn’t married so i also know about being discriminated by religious organizations. I know many would never forgive but I do. We all are flawed only Jesus was perfect.If Jesus can forgive me I can forgive anyone.So I hate being called a hater because I’m not. I love everyone as human beings. I also would say we are all sinners everyone included including homosexuals along with fornicators thieves gossips liars etc etc etc GOD judges the sin not me.So I’m no different than anyone but to get down to specific matters .If you believe in Christianity there are certain core issues and for some there are some differences of opinion. basically i just say this we all need forgiveness I know i do ,say you commit suicide how do you ask forgiveness does God forgive you?i don’t know i am not God and it’s the same with me and gay marriage to me it’s like giving God a slap seeing as if you are homosexual and you are a believer you should believe it’s wrong and it’s swearing to continue a sinful relationship til death do you part unless you’re celibate and not many people get married to be celibate. Now I’m just saying churches or churches that don’t want to recognize it. Which should be their right now I’m totally for partnership rights for everything except the one thing of forcing religious organizations or threatening them with revoking their 501c 3 status for not going against their respective religions .You tell me is marriage sacred or just a piece of paper? This is about the definition of marriage and once it’s not one man one woman it’s a wrap. You can clown me but you know it and anything will be legal. Trust lawyers are waiting to do the Dame Dash dance .so that’s my opinion and if you don’t believe in God why would you want to get married in a church other than for spite.All that to say God forgive us all and all the best and success to you and yours The Black Guy Who Tips Family Love your anonymous brother. P.s just for the record I haven’t seen the epidemic of cops killing all these homosexuals like they killing all these black people. I.e i don’t think it’s exactly the same no disrespect to anyone who might be both and been a victim. Pps sorry this was my first and second comments ever congratulations i wont bother you anymore love you fam hope everything is peace and if not i could possibly hear about lol Stay funny!but take it easy on Jesus

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