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923: Boss


Rod and Karen are joined by Impossible White Man Jae to talk about her most recent snow boarding travels, over coming injury, women’s salaries, Tervor Noah, Patton Oswalt, brothel tester job, T-Pain on Aaliyah, Fuller House, Play-Doh movie, Tyga gets served, Dame Dash, Azealia Banks, Confederate History Month, Chris Rock, Isaiah Washington, USC racist students, wedding pic racism, #WhiteGirlsRock, BallerAlert, cop impersonating dude, buglars arrested, spring break shooting, dumpster baby and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    Got damn Dame Dash is dumb. This whole interview makes me wonder about the partnership between him and Jay-Z. What the fuck did he do besides put up money? Hell, did Jay even let him do anything?

    Also, could you imagine a Dame Dash podcast? I would listen to that… For a couple minutes.

  2. Anzidavis

    Ignorant people are funny to me, aka Dame Dash. Not everyone is meant to be their own boss. He is always about that fast buck and missing the fact that buying stocks is owning a piece of the company creating long term money.

  3. madiq

    No Dame Dash, but I tend not to call people I work for “boss.” Mostly it’s because I feel like it conveys more authority than just “supervisor” or “manager.” For the most part, everyone’s answerable to someone, be they shareholders or clients, so I feel like calling someone my “boss” (unironically) diminishes me, like if I referred to myself as a subordinate. Maybe I’m hyper-sensitive about authoritarian structures, but just because you sign my checks, that doesn’t mean you’re better than me. I’d like to think that we’re all our own bosses, even when we work for someone else.

    Michael T. Ford III
    Boss in His Own Mind

  4. PrinceLeron

    Dame Dash does not give a damn about people starting their own businesses. He was only saying that shit because it distinguished him from everyone that was in that particular room with him. And don’t even get me started on niggas that are twisting his interview to make it seem as if he cares about black people starting their own businesses. HE DON’T! If you had a bakery before his son starting selling cookies, Dame would probably show up to your store and clown you for baking like a woman. The guys that agree with Dame the most are jobless niggas that finally have a way to justify not having a job and shame niggas that do.

    Also, if you worry about a woman making more than you, you’re a bitch ass nigga. The problem is that a lot of men and women still used these outdated ideas to determine manhood. I have already decided that I can’t be with a woman with old-fashioned values. i don’t have the desire to put a stranglehold on a woman’s life like a lot of men want and a lot of women expect.

  5. Cappadonna

    It’s Cappa – so Rod, grab some water. Hey man, its the end of a 11 hour work day. (Yes, Nigga, 11.) Also, this was a full blown show with the most impossible of the white men – Jae.

    First, you can pick up a good suit at K&G. There are plenty of cheap suit shops (aka Armenian suits shops) throughout the LA area. Stores selling 3 suits for 129 are all up and down this part of Cali. I’ve shopped there once and a while – and have never looked like Steve Harvey or Rickey Smiley at the Apollo.

    My man hipped me to this 5 years ago. If you’re working in sales and project management like me where you have to show up to multiple client sites in a week where you’re expected to be suited and booted as well as serve on the deacon board, those hood suit stores are a Godsend. Just follow these three rules, stay with neutral colors ask for the American single breast & find a good tailor. Only Negroes never wear suits to work walk around looking like Huggy Bear on Easter Sunday.

    Second, is this ‘Jiggabo Time’? This is fucking with and over Black people overload today. First you present the Wilt Chamberlain level triple double of ignorant, self loathing coons. Azaelia Banks, Damon Dash, Isaiah Washington and Don Lemon?! All we need for Raven Simone to show up with her Goku hair for the problematic Negro Apocalypse.

    USC is basically the Duke University of LA – rich frat boys being rich frat boys. Hence I’m not surprised by racism over Wifi. Besides, Mrs. Cappa is Bruin. So uh, yeah, fuck those kids.

    Joe Concha, #WhiteGirlRock and that racist photographer? – before I go full Cappa Fruit of Islam Tirade give Rod a sore throat & eye sore – let me give a succinct version of what I’d normally say. I am not surprised by these Devils and Fuck those Devils!!

    As for dudes making less money than their women on Ball Alert – I don’t get it. Maybe its because I’m around decent cats who care more about promoting their ladies, but I don’t know too many dudes who care what their women make. My cousin and my brother are both married to women in law enforcement who make way more money than they do. My wife used to make more money than me and certainly has more education. Hell, my wife’s best friend is a junior executive – and helped her husband start his own business. And of course – Rod you got Karen. Basically, like you said, “More money” is code for “I’m an insecure man who can’t deal with a woman as an equal”.

    Anyway, just got an email and management expecting those two TPS reports by 6 am tomorrow (I did say 11 hour workday). So I’m out until tomorrow.

    – Cappa

  6. Anarke216

    So Rods his own boss….. but he works for Queen Karen. Rod is Karen yo Daddy? DO YOU “make DADDY a sandwich?” I mean a real house husband would.

    I do have a question about how this daddy game works. If you have several bosses, how many daddies do you really have? Is the main boss Daddy while the others are step-dads? Or are they your moms “friend” that come around when daddy at work? You know like Uncle Jim and Uncle Calvin. If so I guess that makes Barack my daddy and the rest of the chain of command dead beat dads. Aren’t dads supposed to be there when you need money and support? I need my check! I’m trying to get y’all a Jet and I know my premium account is barely cutting it. These niggas playing with my money.

    Well time to go back to working for daddy & the Navy now. Top Flight Security of the world Rod, Of the world!

    Peace Rod and Queen Karen. Love you Guys,
    ~Will O.

  7. freakishnerd

    This whole time I thought Trina was saying “all you gotta do is google Trina, see the boob game.”

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