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924: The Bee Party


Rod and Karen are joined by Randolph, Tim and Andy of the Three Guys On podcast to discuss kids, Andy’s anniversary present, Randolph’s adorable daughter, Kendrick Lamar’s engagement, Martin Short’s impression of a doctors who’s dead now, bees attack Obama, DMX might’ve robbed someone, GA teacher says good Christians didn’t vote for Obama, atheist rights are an attack on Christians, gun goes off in church, Dame Dash, how not to be a player in China, Kendrick explains some of his album, Ebola, HIV among gays in ATL, no need to discuss race, black-ish, BallerAlert, hit and run and sword ratchetness.

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  1. African Bees

    See what y’all made us do! You think this a game? America is ours now. Muhahahaha! Wait a second the CIA is outside our hive, bee right back.

  2. Anonymous

    Rod saw a bee flying around me today, never being stung before i didnt think twice about it at first. then I remember your stories of being stung and took some revenge out on that bee for you bruh, it landed on the ground and i stomp the shit out of it. these bees betta learn we not playing with them.

    • African Bees

      We know where you live nigga. We saw that shit.

  3. Lenore312

    I just binge-listened to the last three podcasts so forgive me if i overlap some topics but I’ll try to keep this short. I really need a notepad when i listen to yall
    Damae dash is Theo as in “Theo….Yes Dad?…..THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!”
    He kept saying have your own money have your own money. where did you get that money Dame? A job? OR are you referencing the drug game where you were flipping all this consignment money? Also I’m not trying to work 10-20 years so i can GIVE my kid a job. Fuck I look like? That child needs to learn how to work for what they want just like I did. If your son’s cookies were all that YOU wouldn’t have to carry them with you to your interviews passsing them out like some flyer dude on the corner.
    You were exactly right with that woman being completely okay with Empire and having an issue with Black-ish. She claimed to have a white child with a black “best friend” and couldn’t see the resemblence of that little girl’s affluent black family and Dre’s? It’s probably because the real black family never had the little white girl over to play. I can here her mama now. “can Becky come over?” Uh uh her mama isn’t ain’t setting foot in the house EYE pay for. You can play with Becky at school. I bet she got hired by Deadline though.
    That poor tortured soul wailing about #DarkSkinnedActivist is right up there with Dame Dash as a person you just walk away from when they start spouting foolishness. I was tempted to post my light skinned self with my dark skinned boo on her page but I kept my Petty in check. It reminded me of when Light girls was on and black women dark and light were dismissing the issues the women spoke of re: bullying. I was not bullied but I understood how that can be harmful for different reasons for women of different shades privilege or no privilege. But that’s another light skinned moment for another day.
    Let’s end with to celebrating ALL the Black women! Black girls Roock was amazing and Karen I hope you at least check the highlight reel on the site. You are very confident in general so you might not NEED an extra Black Girl Magic boost but it’s always nice to see our black sistas doing well and lookin’ fine as hell. Shout out to Ava DuVernay and Tracee Ellis Ross for showing off demcakes. Oh and fuck bees and wasps never been stung but i hate them just the same.
    Keep the podcasts coming Love you both, Lenore312

  4. btouch

    LMAO @ Tim (I think it was Tim; correct me if I’m wrong) singing that Mokenstef song

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