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925: Roddy’s Angels


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Rod and Karen are joined by the Sojo, Lady Buddha and Ms. Smart of Whiskey Wine and Moonshine Podcast to discuss podcasting milestones, being a guest on podcast, marriage, Sanford Rubenstein, Ash Carter, Kit Harrington, child abuse for dressing like a boy, Kit Harrington is tired of being objectified, Karen Davis, mother in law kills son in law, uber robbery, Michele Bachmann, planned parenthood closing may have lead to HIV spike, Furious 7, Chris Brown wants back in, Columbus Short on Empire, anorexic models banned in France, Jay-Z, #RaceTogether, Raven Symone, fire extinguisher, parole officer rapist, bra choker, cops running strip club and sword ratchetness.

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  1. uaintgottheansa

    Just wanna say thanks for not giving Columbus Short a pass Rod. He aint shit & I don’t need him ruining my drip, drop drippity droppppp. He’s a weirdo with Hulk like personalities & I can’t have that on Empire. Unless he’s the type of man that makes a man love a man. Then, maybeee I’ll let him on the show.

  2. Angela Fobbs

    I had so much fun listening to this episode, it almost makes me want to move back to America just to be with my people. I love your show.

  3. AJtheEngineer

    Just a few points….

    1. I agree with Jonathan, drunk Karen is the greatest.
    2. I wish somebody would try to email Karen about her comments, us real TBGWT folk know she wasn’t for real.
    3. I love me some grown, intelligent Black women. The whiskey, wine, and moonshine ladies are some of my favorite people. One of my fears is being out in Atlanta with my girl and seeing one of the WWM ladies….I’d probably end up looking crazy trying to say “hello”, but then we’re getting into street harrassing and that wouldn’t be a good look. I got nothing else to add, this was just a thirst comment. Great podcast and great guests yall, keep up the good work.

    – AJ

  4. Jonathan

    First things first drunk Karen is the realist. Queen Karen was killing it this show. The ladies of Whiskey, Wine, and Moonshine were funny and insightful. Rod did a masterful job of holding it all together and on the rails. Kudos sir.

    The closing of Planned Parenthood in Indiana causing a spike in HIV fits into my larger problem with Republicans. They are so wed to their ideology that they exaggerate their problems with places like Planned Parenthood. Only 2 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions but since 2 is more than 0 it has to be shut down. It doesn’t help that to be frank Republicans couldn’t give two shits about women and people of color. It only becomes a problem when White dudes start dying.

    On a happier note, Ellen Pao banning salary negotiations at Reddit seems like a great idea. Numerous studies show that women are penalized by men and women if they negotiate. They are seen as being a ‘bitch’ for the same behavior a White guy is praised. I think it was Lady Buddha who pointed to using algorithms to achieve pay equity. Hopefully, more companies move to this more objective model than the old boys club.

  5. btouch

    Hey Rod & Karen:

    Re: “Furious 7”, studios determine the demographics of the opening weekend audience via exit polls, sort of like what the media does for elections. They typically hire a company named Cinemascore to conduct these exit polls at certain theaters across the country (and, as in the political polls, average and extrapolate that data to represent the entire country). They ask the theater goers for their ages, genders, races, and a grade-letter rating of the film (for the record, “Furious 7” scored an “A” average).

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