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926: PMS Ice Cream


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Rod and Karen discuss Boston Marathon bombing verdict, Masie Williams talks about being a teen, diverse emojis are here, Ikea nap policy, Tyler Kost says he was framed, Adnan got a new podcast, wrong name during sex gets groom killed, Rand Paul, PMS Ice Cream, Att phones hacked, Home marketed wrong, Tamika Fuller gives her side of the story, Maya Angelou stamp with wrong quote, pastor speaks on women’s place in leadership, divorce via Facebook messenger, Amazon Home, kid’s wins ESPN bracket challenge, Dave Chappelle, Fresh Off The Boat, Walter Scott, Mary Ann Twitty, BallerAlert, Flakka drug, pee in the tea, General Chao and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Damien Jones

    I just wanted you to toss in two cents on the CNN story you mentioned. Mandisa Thomas (the author) did not picked the title “Confessions of Black atheist” as CNN has a series of Confessions of… articles.
    After years of political and activism I personally am avoiding organizations especially in leadership roles. Due to Mandisa’s leadership and the need for Black people to a have a way to transition out of church, I started organizing a Milwaukee chapter of Black Non-Believers inc. I remember there being some hate thrown towards Kerry Washington because she talked about homophobia in the Black community. She’s right and while homophobia isn’t exclusive to black people, I think it’s harder to find acceptance in the Black community because the church is so deeply rooted. The response to being non religious is similar especially if you are in a small town. As a manager, I had to work harder for my black religious employees because they saw my lack of religion as a trust issue.
    I hope anybody reading this and is questioning religion at all seeks out an organization like Black Non-Believers Inc to find a community outside of church.
    Maybe April can be Women Leaders month? *swish* Women Leaders!

  2. Tunde

    *looks at all the comments and knows rod is gonna have a conniption*

    *leaves another comment*

    i know Karen said that North Charleston acted swiftly because they didn’t want another Ferguson. I disagree though. The shooting happened and before the video evidence surfaced the police department wholly was gonna ride with the lies he told. even though the man was clearly shot in the back. it wasn’t until the video came out and they had no choice. if there was the same type of video evidence with Mike Brown and Darren Wilson I believe in my heart that Wilson would have been charged.

    as far as white people not having to care or worry about this happening to them i agree. this week in the cafe at lunch (my job has to be at least 90% white) the shooting has been playing on a loop on CNN. white people don’t even bat an eyelash in the direction of the television.

  3. Anzidavis

    If they make the PMS ice cream in Rocky Road or Chocolate Oreo flavors, then I can use the name as an excuse of why my son can not have any. Win Win for all mothers whose children dont let them have anything once it goes into the freezer, frig or cabinets unless you hide it from them. I think I am going to use the PMS tag on all my leftovers from the resturant, she is on to something here…..

  4. PrinceLeron

    DreamWorks did everything in their power to fuck up any success that Home could have achieved. The movie had the same budget as every other film they have released but they were so scared about how white people would feel about the movie. All they had to do was promote this movie like they do every other animated movie that they have released, that’s it! Changing the main character to a little black girl shouldn’t change that. What were they really afraid of? Was it they thought that white kids wouldn’t want to see the movie or that the white parents would forbid their children from seeing the film? It is such a shame that this movie starring a little black girl is tainted because the company cared more about the feeling of white people above all else.

    Also, I was making a sandwich during this podcast and accidentally knocked it off the table when Karen brought up Brave. The unique thing about Brave was that Disney was making a statement about how they were moving away from the typical Disney Princesses and making a character that move little girls could relate to, who was still white. DreamWorks was taking a even bigger step and swept that black girl under the rug. The only things left is for them to publicly blame black people for this film not doing well as expected.

    Lastly, I have to add this to my agendas. Home is the best animated film of all time. If you bring up Toy Story, I’m going to call you a racist or a coon. All those years and Andy’s Mom never brought any black toys.

  5. Cappadonna

    I’m gonna leave Walter Scott alone – because, uh, yeah, I’m trying to keep myself from crying or screaming.

    Also, on that pastor talking male leadership……uh, yeah. That man is special. First, I guess I don’t get this BS, since we’ve had female preachers in my church for years. Also, did this cat just skip over the books of Ruth & Esther? Esther literally saved the entire nation of Israel. Mary & Martha were considered equal to Apostles by Jesus. Priscilla was a missionary who funded the Apostle Paul. Rod, I don’t think there were any vagina lips in that church, sounds like far too many male retreats I’ve been at during my church life. One of things I love about some of my pastors I’ve sat under is that they openly call members to question the misogyny made it clear that the church would fall apart without women.

    • Cappadonna

      Update….I once walked out my own cousin’s church because of the ignorant misogyny. I would have walked out my uncle’s church as a kid, guess I was too much of a militant liberal intellectual even at 12 – except my agnostic daddy gave me that “Nigga you move and I’ll slap you silly. We stuck here together” side eye.

      Rod, as a counterbalance to the misogyny and low key bigotry from these snake charmers – I just checking out a few feminist theologians as well as the Unitarian church.

  6. Kyle

    As a minority who is trying to pursue a career in graphic design, I feel like I have to defend Parker Jones. First, people need to stop talking about this project as if it is real and not something done for a class. Second, We don’t know what the specifics of the assignment was. For all we know she may not have been allowed to make a product targeting males. Teachers often put limits on what students can do to get them ready for the real world.

    Also, maybe she just didn’t want to make a product targeting men? One of my first projects as a design student was a fake poster of the rapper Blu. I didn’t care about people who didn’t like rap, another black classmate put a black history project in his final portfolio. Here is something that I took off Parker’s portfolio site, it is the description of the Ice cream.

    “The Ice Cream that Understands PMS”

    About the project.
    “The Ice Cream that says what every girl is thinking, this fictional humorous ice cream packaging includes the three steps of PMS.”

    I don’t think you have to laugh at the design, but I personally don’t think Parker Jones was making fun of women when she made this. I feel like she was trying to make an inside joke about PMS that only women would get, because as a cis male I don’t know what it’s like to have PMS.

  7. AJtheEngineer

    I knew you guys would talk about the Walter Scott shooting but I expected it to be a few days from now after more information came out. I really agree with the comments you made about this being a very high priority for Black men and women. I’m 29, with a nice college degree and what I believe is a nice car. I am scared just about everyday. I thought I would be scared more so about rock chips and people denting my car, but no, I’m actually more afraid of the busted taillight or headlight causing me to be pulled over. Like Karen said, degrees ain’t bulletproof. I live in Atlanta and while there are some pretty liberal people inside the city most of them don’t work for the police. So all the things that Black folks have been trying to explain and worry about still exist. But this is Atlanta, and every day there’s some crime committed by some black man. So when a cop goes around and shoots a black person for no good reason it is very easy for a lie to be fabricated. I hate being the “conspiracy negro” but I don’t believe these police reports when they come out and espcially if they’re being read by a major news outlet. We all know that these writeups are the most reviewed and proofread reports ever written by the time it reaches the desk of CNN.

    So let me add this to the mix, I’ve had this car for over 6 months now and haven’t been bothered by the police (even though I’m expecting it). I really do think this has to do with my skin complexion (I’ve got that JL Cauvin daywalker skin tone), I think these cops think I’m a white guy with big lips and they don’t bother me. I know I can’t prove that with facts but I think it plays a factor. That’s why I can’t stand it when folks (like you said earlier) try to yadda yadda over the racial aspect of how a cop decides to handle their job. We have too many examples now of cops playing nice when there are white people pointing guns at innocent people and then of cops shooting to kill other folks (“black people” in my Randolph Terrace voice) when there is no apparent danger. I really wanted to cuss and argue with people online about this, but I held back. But I did want to thank you all for expressing the anger I’ve been feeling on this story and the many similar stories to this. That’s why I love this podcast, I come for the hard hitting racial analysis….and stay for all the good ratchetness.

    Yall have a great weekend, don’t let the pollen get you,


  8. Juwan

    Just a disclaimer that I may be speaking from a place of male privilege but I didn’t necessary see a issue with the PMS Ice Cream. I haven’t listened to the show again yet and I don’t remember if this was brought up as part of the story but this isn’t a real product that is entering the market.This was a mock design by a Graduate School Graphic Design Student for a class project on funny product packaging and she wanted to design something exclusive to her experience.

    I guess the bigger question that arises from this is, is there a problem or is it offensive if companies create and/or market products that are designed to exclusively appeal to one particular gender and their exclusive experiences?

    I don’t know but I guess perhaps I’ll pay more attention to real product labels in the future.

  9. Nicol E Melmenditon (@QueenMelmendi)

    I understand where Karen is coming from about the PMS ice cream. I was especially offended before Rod mentioned the creator was female. It’s picking on a generalization. Like a guy saying to a woman who is upset that she must be on her period. What if someone made/proposed an idea for an ice cream for Black people called “shuck and jive,” the carton said something about how Blacks love to dance, and it was banana flavored. Even if the concept came from a Black person, and clearly a joke, I’d feel some type of way about that.

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