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928: She Gave Wu Some ‘Tang


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Rod and Karen are joined by Leslie and Drew of the Interracial Jawn podcast to discuss podcasting, how Leslie and Drew met, white privilege in the job market, living in Argentina, more black men killed by cops, Eric Harris, Walter Scott, Sharpton, police shooting, Geraldo, a woman may have slept with the Wu, Karrueche gets love advice form Amber Rose, men with belly’s have longer sex, Fantasia gets instagram divorce, Solangegate, Jeopardy answer, Michelle Obama on her daughters, BallerAlert, penis injections, woman marries 10 men, anal bead link, woman sets fire to home and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    That story about the anal beads had me cooking. This is the second story you guys have reported about people accidentally posting porn links. The other one was the recruiting reporter that you discussed on BDS. These are rookie scumbag mistakes. You don’t have your work and your porn in the same window. I feel bad for both of them because they should not have lost their jobs because of that mistake. So they accidentally sent some porn, nobody died. If you are a law student I will aspect them to be mature enough to handle some porn.

    I made a similar scumbag mistake when I was interning at MIT. One night was clicking through xnxx(it was good back then) and got a call from my brother(as interning) about going to the store. I put my computer to sleep and left the room. We ended up getting back hella late so I went straight to bed.

    The next morning on the shuttle, opened my laptop and all I see is a porn video surrounded by that bright ass blue screen. And to make matters worst my laptop was 17 inches and it was not a regular video. I was exploring like shit the night before. The video on the screen was a woman with half of her foot in another woman’s asshole. I minimized that joint as quick as I could but the dudes beside me and behind me saw my screen. I got lucky because none of the high school interns saw that shit. Ten minutes passed and I tried to strike up a conservation with the dude sitting beside me and he was uncomfortable as shit. He probably thought I was a DownToe brotha. LOL

  2. Sterling H

    At least I know Rod and I both ain’t shit with our Solange theories. Mine was a little different though, I think Jay Z set up the stabbing as payback for Solange laying down that ultra combo in the elevator.

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