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929: Milk, Milk Lemonade


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Rod and Karen discuss inch worms, GOT spoilers, The Cosby Show, homophobic pizzeria, Mike Huckabee on the militant gay mafia, gay friendly bakery is trolled, Ken Lombardi, Common is canceled, transgender birth certificates, Kenyan massacre, cop loses memory magically, woman lies about being a stunt driver, DMX, schmacon, white kid says n-word at Coachella, woman called n-word by apartment office, Amy Schumer new song, Walter Scott shooting, old man deputy, suspended racist cops, balleralert, just chilling, church bus thief, park sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Miss Krysable

    “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” is funny but still shady and I’ll passively aggressively, by accident, on purpose side swipe Amy Schumer with my doo doo maker next time I see her….

  2. Cappadonna

    All I can say about that Amy Schumer/Amber Rose’s “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” video is…..diabetes never looked so good.. All jokes aside, Schumer is great, Rose just grew as the world’s greatest video vixen because she realizes that her job is inherently silly. Oh, and Meth is one of the few rappers who can be goofy & hardcore seamlessly.

  3. tatum

    Hey Rod & Karen
    I have been a little behind due to birth of my 1st child. No sleep,pee, poo, milk etc. While waiting over 24 hours for my son to born it was nice to have one ear bud in to have a bit of normal going on. I was going to send an email with 5 weeks worth of talking points but that would have been some mean ass feed back overkill . I will just say Rod you were right i wasn’t sure at 1st but you won me over with your logic. Karen you were right & I never thought of it in that light.

    But one small thing I would like to say about the “Milk,Milk,Lemonade”
    song was that I felt that it was kind of making it seem like booty’s are new trend, Like Corn rows, & juicy lips. I understand that in some communities women are shamed for having a big butt but now in ours. She even says she thought her boobs were the thing men wanted. I think she was poking fun at what is a trend for her but something blacks have always embraced.

    Thanks for being not only a voice but ears as well

    Anthony Animal thug Tatum Sr.

  4. Justine Passing Through

    Kean University canceling Common was because the Assata situation happened in NJ. When Obama eased relations with Cuba, Chris Christie and a bunch of angry white people wanted Assata Shakur extradited.

    On a slightly unrelated note, every year on the anniversary of the situation, news stations that service NJ run a story telling everyone if they’ve seen Assata Shakur just walking around they should call the cops. Lol.

  5. Jonathan

    Spoilers are a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I love Dem Thrones, Spoiled Movie Reviews, Dey Walkin’ and Dat Blood was a godsend since I couldn’t serve my completionist tendencies and my sanity at the same time. Thanks Rod for taking one for the team.

    I can enjoy your shows because y’all make it clear what is being spoiled and structure the shows so you can skip ahead if you care to do so. I hate it when people don’t give the courtesy of a spoiler warning, especially if the show or movie is recent. I have a jackass at one of the offices I visit that I have to avoid if I missed a show live. A while back, when I told him I was on an early episode of season two of Game of Thrones he detailed The Red Wedding and most of the people who died. He spoiled The Last of Us, Breaking Bad, and a few indie movies.

    He likes the comfort of knowing how everything will work out. Some of the other people who can’t stop spoiling seem to like feeling like they are somehow superior to others. They’re not superior, they’re just assholes. There is way too much good TV and other media to enjoy it all when it’s available. Excuse me for having a multitude of interests and a semblance of a life.

    There is a reason no one flips to the last chapter to start reading a mystery novel. You take away the enjoyment of having your brain working to make sense of things as they happen in the story. The dissection of the story afterwards can come after you’ve had the revelations and unraveled the mystery bit by bit.

    The people who give unwanted spoilers seem not to like the source material at all and just want to get a reaction from others. If they enjoyed the source they would allow people a full experience of it. It is like buying an intricate jigsaw puzzle as a gift for a friend, putting it together by themselves, and only showing it to them just before taking it apart and boxing it up.

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