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938: Presidential Shade


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Rod and Karen discuss Satan stopping Creflo, strippers are funerals, a homophobic bakery, porn professor, Laverne Cox, Baltimore unrest, BallerAlert, 3 some gone wrong, Wal-mart thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I feel like if martians saw this video of Creflo dollar, they would be just as confused as Rod was watching it. Speaking of martians, I saw the HBO documentary on the Church of Scientology and you know what? What I saw was very similar to what was in Creflo’s video. Which just makes me sad for the black people in the clip.

    As for that situation with Laverne Cox? I would just like to point out that it was a lot of black women defending Cox. Which contradicts the idea that black people hate the LGBTQ community the most. I also agree with Karen that a lot of people are scared that they may meet a transgender person they find attractive. Because they are at the very least ignorant, and think transgender people are trying to “trick” them.

    And I’m not too surprised that Kanye was supportive of Bruce Jenner, considering that he called for the end of homophobia in hip-hop way back in 2005. Which anyone could find out about if they just use Google.

  2. Janica

    Yaaaas for the Nicki version of 5 Star!

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