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937: Empire Music


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Sista Soulja

    I realize I’m too late for the poll but Rod you forgot the best Empire song yet! “Good Enough” by Jussie Smollett. Same theme as “Keep Your Money”, but 10 times better! Oh yeah, and “What is Love” is a full song (2:54) and it’s on the Empire Soundtrack. It’s my second favorite Empire song so far. V Bozeman can saaaang!

  2. Cappadonna

    Dear Brother Rod and sweetest Sister Karen –
    Okay, dear brother Roderick, you don’t like people telling you want to do. Please make that Scam Dust song theme song whenever you read one of my response I need this in my life. Knowing you two, you’ll probably do it just to troll me and the process of reverse psychology. But on the real, you’re wrong for playing that idiotic foolishness twice in a show.

    Second, this will be brief (relatively anyway). Despite the rumors, I’m not Michael Eric Dyson levels of verbose. I just wanted to lay down for the TBWT fam why Dave Zirin felt the need to jump in the Dr. Tupac-Whisper vs. Professor Pall Bearer catfight. Zirin didn’t care about West’s feelings or his friendship with Dyson, he was covering his own behind.

    For the last six years, Cornell West, his equally self-absorbed sidekick – Tavis and a few other dues like Ta-Neishi Coates served as the go-to angry Negroes whenever white super liberals (what Robert Gibbs called “The Professional Left”) felt the need get froggy in the media about Obama. Dr. West has been one of the premiere black public figures to provide credence to their hyperbole.
    West has been the “Profiteering” I mean “Prophetic” voice for gushing white liberals for over 20 years. He’s the Ben Carson for the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

    So while Michael Eric Dyson’s petty verbal drive by was a long time coming and squarely aimed at West, the white super lefties like Zirin caught a few shots in the crossfire from that clip. Professor Dyson blew a few holes in the so-called “Professional Left” Negro Deflector Shield.

    That’s it, and with only 5% of the words MED used to ether his former mentor. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Not that it matters, since you Nigg…I mean dear brethren are going to complain that this is too long. Love y’all anyway.
    – Cappa

  3. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    Just a note on leaving a review on the Stitcher website — when I left a review for TBGWT a few weeks ago I had hell of a time finding where to leave the review. I couldn’t find it at all by going straight to stitcher.com, so that could be why there haven’t been many reviews there recently. I had to Google “the black guy who tips stitcher” and click on the link to TBGWT on Stitcher. You can then add a review on that page. Y’all rule!

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