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940: Well Just Call Em…


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Rod and Karen discuss more updates on the Baltimore situation, Ms Piggy gets a feminist award, Alice Eve, Bud Light, SC transgender teen victory, #BringBackOurGirls update, A black correspondent has had enough, Brian Williams, The Social Club, Senate Pub, Lil Kim, BallerAlert, a wife goes after the husband’s best friend, cool mom sex party, disco police and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Damien Jones

    I wrote this on Facebook this morning (saturday) being tired of the colorblind bs that some people are spouting. I got on my mini Michael Eric Dyson shit here so I apologize for the length.

    Andrew Ti the host of the Yo, is this Racist? podcast posed a question in an interview that has been weighing on my mind for a couple weeks now. When it comes to the benchmark for using deadly force, is feeling threatened fair if so many people feel threaten by the presence of a black person in general?
    Between the perception pushed out by the media, and the actual crime that happens a lot of people can be in a heightened state of fear just by the presence of a black person. Especially when they are young, male, and dressed in a certain manner. Due to my upbringing in a rough neighborhood, I get a little more cautious when there are groups of men like that. When all you’re being told is that these “thugs” (lets just call em..) are what’s wrong with society and mix that with an encounter you or someone you know may have had, the bias is imprinted.

    Imagine having all that as a person and now you are a cop? You are constantly seeing the worst in humanity but you also have the perception that a black person is lesser than whether you’re conscious of the bias or not. Why wouldn’t you feel threatened almost every time you encounter a black person on duty? This is NOT AN EXCUSE it’s a quandary. This form of bias sets our black people up for execution for non-violent crimes, as well as sets up our cops to fail at their job of serve and protect.

    Now imagine having that bias when a resume or loan application for Tyrone comes in. In the workforce for so many black people I know, we work harder than those being promoted around us.

    This is root of ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ to me. It’s the perception that we are lesser than from the jump that gets us killed without having a weapon because our skin is enough of a threat. Its the bias that denies us access to the benefits of being American or forces us to jump through near impossible hoops just to get to the starting line. Reason #2080 why we cannot afford to be color blind! Why you can’t be neutral on a moving train because so many unjustified deaths are being explained away by a racism that is in the marrow of our society. Its time we start digging it out

  2. PrinceLeron

    I need seen that black Councilman to stay in office until he die. Sometimes you got to put the cards on the table and see what happens. Erin Burnett didn’t know how to handle that reaction.

    And that is not the only news segment he did that day. The following link is a short clip(under a minute) of him with Ashleigh Bansfield later in the day. Keep in mind that Bansfield was everyone’s progressive hero back at the day. And pay attention to that man’s face while she is talking. The name of the video kind of says it all.


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