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939: Sometimes You Gotta Riot


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Rod and Karen discuss the Baltimore Riots, black men not supporting black women in activism, Tidal, Iggy stole from Kendrick, Mo’Nique, Chipotle, Adam Sandler, Pat Robertson, Wedding invitations, balleralert, bow and arrow kills cat, car jacking and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SugahBabe

    Monique: “I love Lee and I wish him nothing but the best”.
    Monique’s angry translator: “I hate this lyin’ ass muthafuckin’ nigga. Fuck him. Fuck Hollywood. Fuck everything!”

  2. Kyle

    Apparently some black men hold the belief that racism only affects them and not anybody else in the black community. Not is only is that not true, but almost everything black males face black women face too. Including Police brutality and mass incarceration. This is why I try not to frame police brutality as an issue that only affects black men, because even people who know better do so accidentally.

    And in regards to Adam Sandler? Every thing he has been accused of sounds like something he would do. Granted, Vanilla Ice who stars in the movie did come out in the defense of him and that has to count for something right? I hope J-L Cauvin does a sketch of this.

  3. PrinceLeron

    The reason why a lot of black don’t support black women is because they see them as competition. That is compounded by the fact they’re losing that competition. My cousin tried to explain to me why we should not celebrate the success of black woman. He reasoning was that white men are elevating black women at the expense of black men to make black women believe that they don’t need a man. And these black woman are falling for this tactic, destroying the black family and is using their position to discourage young black men, making them submissive. I looked around the room and every other nigga in the room was nodding like they just heard Dr. King speak. I don’t know what Hotep nigga he got that from but it’s destructive as hell. Also basic misogyny makes black men believe all the racist actions and venom is directly at them not black women as well.

    Black women operate in a totally different manner. For example, I was in the airport in Newark, New Jersey and I need information on which train goes to Princeton. I was interviewing at Princeton for the Molecular Biology Ph.D program. There was a group of three black woman working near the station so I went to them. When they found out where I was going, they starting partying. They’ve helped other students that day and I was the first black male student they’ve seen. They were so overjoyed and they didn’t even know me. They were just happy to see a black man doing well. The same thing happened when I interviewed at U of Chicago. Two young black women where running the shuttle and they were so proud.

  4. That_Mitch

    I love the show. Keep up the great work Rod and Karen. You know I live in the Hampton Roads area where Pat Robinson is from and you know sometimes I think he’s a poor representation of Christianity. Some of the things he says on that show are not Christ like at all. Secondly Rod, Norfolk is pronounced Nor-flk.. just pretend like the second “O” isn’t there. LOL. Hearing people from outside of the area say it cracks me up every time. Again. I love the show..

  5. SistaSoulja

    Rod, you brought me to tears when you were explaining why you love black women. If only more black men felt this way….
    I am lucky to have my husband and Karen is lucky (and deserving) to have you. And vice versa of course. 🙂

  6. CChelle

    Y’all were on point with everything. I feel the exhaustion in your voice Rod. I’m through too. They’ve been just going about their lives unconcerned about the violence, I’m glad they’re disrupting “regular” life in Baltimore. Now only if the press would frame it correctly to let people know what they really need to be paying attention to.

  7. btouch

    Re: Mo’Nique – Lee Daniels and Danny Strong both said that Mo’Nique was never offered the part of “Cookie” in “Empire”, and the emails Mo’Nique had Sway read actually prove they were correct. Mo’Nique was given a chance to screen-test for the part, and the emails also imply that that screen test was never done. She wouldn’t have been offered the part (meaning it was hers and only hers, provided all parties agreed upon the terms and pay rates) until the FOX executives and the Imagine Entertainment executives – Daniels’ and Strong’s bosses Brian Grazer and Ron Howard – liked what they saw in the screen test and approved her casting.

    A standard audition is like the initial phone/Skype interview, the screen test is like the in-person interview (many established star actors are able to bypass the screen test altogether depending on the role; that Mo’Nique was even asked to screen-test for a TV role when she has an Oscar on her mantle is a little eyebrow raising to me), and the offer is like, well, the job offer.

    An invitation to screen test is not an offer of a role, and Mo’Nique has to know that by now after 20 or so years in the entertainment business. I feel like she’s out to win this cold war between herself and Lee Daniels by any means necessary, and I sort of do wish she would stand down; the pettiness is starting to reach peak levels.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Imagine and FOX insisted on offering the part to Taraji, and that it was primarily Lee Daniels who wanted Mo’Nique (Danny Strong, when _he_ was on Sway in the Morning, acknowledged that he had no idea whether or not Daniels had talked to Mo’Nique about playing Cookie – only that he was never privy to those conversations).

    Incidentally, the list of people who _did_ screen-test for “Empire” but weren’t cast is as long as the show can be ridiculous: Andra Fuller and Lance Gross (for Andre), Corbin Bleu (for Jamal), and Romeo Miller ad Quincy Brown (for Hakeem). Wesley Snipes was offered the part of Lucious before anyone else was cast, but as negotiations were breaking down, Taraji was pursued and insisted on doing the show with Terrence Howard as her co-star.

    • btouch

      (correction: Lee Daniels did talk to Danny Strong about possibly casting Mo’Nique once. This is Strong’s full quote:

      “Well, I don’t know if Lee Daniels had a conversation with Mo’Nique about it that I don’t know about. I know that Lee and I were partners on this project, and we discussed Mo’Nique once very briefly, and from my knowledge — unless there was some conversation I never knew about — we never offered her the part and she wasn’t going to be Cookie. We both think she’s incredibly talented and genius, but we didn’t think she was right for the part. … It was always Taraji.”)

      • b.touch

        (I’m doing a lot, I know, sorry) just want to clarify that this correction is a correction to the sentence about Strong not knowing if Dabiels talked to Mo’Nique, not my entire initial post.

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