Rod is joined by Karen, Kriss and Sterling to discuss what we’ve been playing, reading and watching. (iZombie, 12 Monkeys, Silicon Valley, Life Is Strange, Rayman, Mortal Kombat X, Goat Simulator,  Then we get into the latest news including Renner’s sexist commentary on Black Widow, a new X-files series, people are leaving the X-men series, the Witcher 3 is 200 plus hours long, Agents of Shield spin-off, Bond can’t be black, Wonder Woman needs a new director, Bill Paxton in GTA, Daredevil gets renewed, Iceman is gay now, Olivia Munn, new Spider-man, Whedon could direct a DC movie, Google mobile service, Universal’s monster universe pushed back, Frank Miller doing another Dark Knight and a Street Fighter screw up.

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