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944: Could You Not?


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Rod and Karen discuss a reporter confusing a sorority with a gang, a terrorist foils his own plot but not until after he kills a woman allegedly, Tyga owes the rent, prom dress shaming, Time Warner customer service delay, Motel 6 snitching, Kenosha police, female teachers facing justice, anti-gay day, Baltimore news, BallerAlert, twitter tax fraud, hit and run driver and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    The guy who attacked that woman at the protest said something that alarmed me, he said, “white lives matter, my life matters.”. Seriously? That is the logic of an immature child. I swear some white people don’t even have a rudimentary understanding of how race works in America at all. And this is the result of that, white people getting offended at black lives matter.

    Also, on the subject of grown women having sex with kids? Chris Brown said he lost his virginity to some teenage girls when he was eight years old. And almost nobody said anything about it. Oh, and he did grown into a fucked up adult so…

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