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BDS 101: James Harden Is The Worst


Rod and Justin celebrate the 100th episode for Justin, discuss the NBA play-offs and our on-going agendas, the Floyd Mayweather fall out, the Orioles COO gives a statement on the Baltimore riots, Russell Wilson dating Ciara, A Rod’s bonus, Willie Trill, North Dakota mascot suggestions, Pacquiao, Jermaine Cunningham, Isaiah Thomas, Brittney Griner, Kevin Love, NFL draft picks in drama, Bo Kimble and this week in Mamba.

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  1. locandloseit

    Hi Rod & Justin. I’m a new premium subscriber and thought you might not review comments on prior episodes. But I learned from the last feedback show that you do. I was listening to you on my commute home and almost lost it laughing at the part about R. Kelly’s version of the national anthem (around the 13 minute mark). “You hear the beat?” 🙂 If you haven’t listened to this episode, do yourself a favor and listen immediately. These 10 minutes showed me that I made the right decision to go premium. Thanks for all the content.

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