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948: To All The Real Mamas


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Rod and Karen discuss mother’s day, Chris Brown’s stalker, Game vs Young Thug, a bunch of gay news, Baltimore PD investigated by the DOJ, new Hamburglar, Janet Hubert vs Kenya Moore again, TNT academy graduation, BallerAlert, parenting with drugs, mayor has child porn and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    Did anybody else notice the people going amen and giggling while the pastor was talking about killing Gay people? These must be the same people who are sending y’all those crazy messages.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    Hey looks like I was wrong, and I’m happy about that. That racist principal from GA got fired.


  3. Butterbean

    I didn’t get the hate for the new Hamburglar. I thought he was hot and looked like one of those dudes from Magic Mike. But then the commercial leaked. It makes no damn sense.

  4. freakishnerd

    Look… I know these Spotify problems you’re having all too well. The desktop app on all my computers started off with you exact same problems before they became completely unusable. Even installing and reinstalling didn’t help. Tried to contact customer support and they never got back to me. The web player works perfectly, but the desktop app? Nah son. I believe Spotify is trying to kill the desktop app quietly by making it not work forcing people to shift their focus to the web player and the mobile apps. It’s not just me either! I’ve seen other people have the same problem and then not be able to use the desktop version. If you’re going to use spotify, just keep a tab open on the player in your browser because that app is dying.

  5. AJtheEngineer

    I’m about to tell on myself and I don’t care….I watch Housewives of Atlanta. I know it’s not good but we all have our vices. After seeing just one or two episodes with Kenya anybody can see that something aint right with her. I’m not surprised she tried Janet Hubert and I’m not surprised that Kenya thinks she’s the victim. In the meantime, I’m loving all this pettiness and hope it continues.

    As one of the TBGWT A-Town listeners I was a little surprised to hear Georgia brought up more than Flordia during the podcast. Just a little bit of background on that Victor Hill shooting. I was getting tweets from the local newspaper as the investigation started last week and the media kept saying that there was a “shootout” that left a real estate agent wounded by gunfire. When I hear the word shootout I expect there to be multiple guns at the scene, but the only gun found there was Hill’s. Victor Hill is a Clayton County sheriff, Clayton County is South Atlanta. The women he shot “accidentally” was working in Lawrenceville, where my parents stay at. Lawrenceville is in Gwinnett County which is Northeast Metro Atlanta. Why the fuck was a Clayton County Sheriff all the way up in Gwinnett County? Also why was he there by himself with just her in the house? Smells funky to me but no reporters seem to be asking these questions. Also, Victor Hill is a black man and a cop. I think it once again proves that the badge will stand by their own even when their own is fucking up. It also shows us once again how the media treats black women getting hurt compared to other groups of people.

    And to that Georgia principal who called out all the black folks on leaving, then blamed them for making her angry, then credited the devil for all the hate in her heart…..fuck her. She’s so steeped in privileged that its other people’s fault for her not remembering the student’s speech. Fuck outta here. It’s Georgia though…so it isn’t guaranteed she’ll lose her position.

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