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949: The FanBros Show


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Rod and Karen are joined by Tatiana and DJ Benhameen from The FanBros Show to discuss the FanBros podcast, George Zimmerman getting shot in the face, 50 Cent’s jeweler says he was beaten up, Gotham, Man of Steel, Age of Ultron discussions, FLOTUS on being black and the First Lady, BallerAlert, macaroni bandits, Waffle House masturbator and sword ratchetness.

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  1. missdani10

    Sorry I put my TU comment under the wrong episode! So I’ll say: FLOTUS is everything! TTTTTTT U! UUUUUUUUUU KNOW!

  2. Anzidavis

    I laughed so hard I got a headache, call me Petty Betty.

  3. Jwan

    Yeah. Fuck that guy! I wish all of the bad things happen to him and only him.

  4. AJtheEngineer

    I forgot to say that the FanBros were great. I was wondering what had happened to Tatiana King since #WeNerdHard but now I know and will begin listening to their podcast.

  5. AJtheEngineer

    I can’t stand people right now. You mean to tell me that George Zimmerman, the man who said it was God’s will to shoot Trayvon, is supposed to get our well wishes? GZ hasn’t changed since that terrible night. In the time since the trial verdict he’s slapped up women and continued to be a threat to his community. He obviously still has guns despite his history…cause….America. This is the guy who was skinny when he got into a fight with Martin but was overweight by the time the trial started so (white) America could believe him, but he’s supposed to get some hope from me? Hell to the naw. I see GZ as a living example of how messed up this country is with our morals. Everybody wants to condemn violence but NOBODY says this when cops or random neighborhood watchmen are gunning black folks down. I’m going to use the Jim Search method from now on; whenever somebody is judging the reactions of people I’m going to ask them “how did we get here?”. When you recall all the shit that GZ has done since killing Trayvon I don’t know how anybody is surprised he got shot in the face. I’m more surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

    Anything bad that happens to him comes from his own doing, fuck Zimmerman and fuck that jury that took only a day to decide he could go free.

    But yall have a great weekend.

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