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950: Peppermint Soap

BW Peppermint Soap

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Rod and Karen are joined by Mike and Brandon of the Comedy Outliers Podcast to discuss upgrading their podcast, working with Anthony, Tom Brady, Empire guest stars for season 2, McDonald’s changing the menu, woman on Fox speaking on FLOTUS, balleralert, special needs teacher abuses kid, hot oil on kid and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    So great to hear Mike and Brandon from the Comedy Outliers on the show! Their monthly show in NYC is great, it’s where I first saw the amazing and hilarious Yamaneika Saunders. Mike’s commentary during the ‘peppermint soap’ segment was priceless, lol!

  2. missdani10

    YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! The Comedy outliers were hilarious!! Tippy worthy! #HeyBoos Also: even though I missed the live stream, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a fantastic speech at my alma mater- TUSKEGEE University (TU U KNOW) – and everyone who’s mad can stay mad…..ole ignorant asses…

  3. cor3na

    i REALLLLLLLYYYY couldn’t resist NOT leaving a comment on this episode. THESE ARE THE BEST GUESTS EVAAAAA!! Yaaasssss! They did that thing WELL! Bitch! WELL!! #TippyNomination for BEST GUESTS!! After BallerAlert I almost cut y’all off to go listen to their show, but that woulda been rude hahahaha

  4. Lauren in Pittsburgh

    I really hope I never have the kind of problems that require a bathroom axe.

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