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Rod and Karen are joined by Adrienne and Reek to discuss Dem Thrones, Snoop thinks Game of Thrones is real, white shooting victim, BallerAlert, flick of the jizz, drunk mom and sword ratchetness.Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT @BrownAndBella @ReekSkeezy
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  1. Lauren in Pittsburgh

    I am rewatching Season One of Game of Thrones and Karen, I think you would really enjoy it. Drogo, when he finally speaks? BARS.

  2. AJtheEngineer

    *next week.

  3. AJtheEngineer

    I wanted to ask you two which location has had the best outfits throughout the show in your opinion? I always thought King’s Landing had the best threads until Dany went to Qarth in season 2. I love those gold bugs they pin on their robes, shit is baller.

    I also agree with you all about Sansa, I think through all this Bolton stuff she’s starting to plot and scheme. Remember when Varys tells Tyrion about using time and patience to gain friends and favors? I feel that’s what Sansa is doing. If she stops letting folks sneak up behind her during her secret walks she might be ok.

    Rod I wish I could be surprised by your Jon Snow death comments, but then again you’ve set a precedent with Tyrese and Walking Dead. I think you’re right though, honor be getting folks killed in this show. Great recap with great guests. I just hope JTrill don’t street harass Netta too much and get cussed out next.

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