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BDS 102: Lebron Is The Magic Johnson Of Hairlines


Rod and Justin discuss listener emails, the NBA play-offs, Matt Barnes telling Harden’s mom to suck his dick, Deflategate hot takes, Frank Clark, perfect booty girl quits school, Sulaimon back in school, Hernandez, Kendrick Perkins domestic dispute, ODB makes Madden Cover, Chris Hawkins, Tiger Woods, TMT at the game, Iverson, Bobby Bowden call Winston and embarrassment, Brady appealing ruling, JR Smith taunting Knicks, Russell Wilson contract, Bill Simmons gone, Webber vs Rose, woke holocaust dude, Griner and Johnson suspended after getting married, MJ vs Lebron and this week in Mamba.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I just want to add a little something about folks that play dirty. My boys used to call me a dirty player but that wasn’t the case. What I used to do what use their homophobia against them. If you pretend that you’re going to touch a dude’s dick while he is taking a jumpshot, he misses 95% of time. I also did a lot of Lance Stephenson type tatics as well. If you are going to play “gay”, there are two things to that you must do

    1. You have to make sure that you don’t actually touch the dude’s dick. That’s a no no.

    2. You can’t be afraid of the person you’re guarding. That is important because you may need to get disrespectful to the dude if he starts complaining, as they always do. When he accuses you of trying to touch his dick, you have to tell him to stop crying like a bitch ass nigga and play ball.

    Lastly, it will also help if you can hit your jumper when the dude tries that same tactic on you. And they try it over 50% of the time because they are so mad.

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