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953: Tidal Wave


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Rod and Karen discuss Jay-Z’s Tidal freestyle, Amtrak crash, philly cops all get off, funeral procession pulled over, GPS tracing on domestic violence offenders, Spotify doing away with free, Google buy button, Blue Bell ice cream, Craigslist date, American Burger, French Fry Burger, Bill Cosby, John Allen, Harriet on a 20, Rich Homie Quan, FHRIP, Christian persecution, Starbucks app hacked, Tindr has married people on it, CEO’s making mad money, Lunch lady, Dine and Dash Hit and Run and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Afrodiva

    Look, I don’t have any skin in this Tidal game because I don’t use streaming services. I mean, good luck to them, but it doesn’t matter to me. But this notion that Black people don’t want to support Black owned businesses… Well, I can’t speak for other Black people, but I know I would love to support Black. Everybody but Black people are profiting off of the Black community. I need to hire a detective to find a Black owned business in the hood.

    The problem is that we don’t ever keep our shit. Even if you are able to find a brand to support, it doesn’t last. We build it up and then sell it off to the white man. Which is fine, get your coins. But then we lose the for us by us nature of it all.

  2. Kyle

    If you’re mad at that Jay-Z freestyle then either you don’t understand how freestyles work or you just hate Jay-Z that much. Also, It seems like Karen was right when she said that the record labels were the ones making money from these streaming services. Warner apparently reported that they are making more money from streaming than they do music downloads.


    If this is true, then Jay was right. Artist are getting fucked, big time actually. And by extension listeners too.

  3. Melabella

    Finally someone asked the right question. I wanna know the reporter who asked the “woe is me, I am losing my foothold on controlling America through christianity” GOP woman to name some of these instances where they are being targeted.
    Too often people make these false statements and no one calls them out about it.

    Karen’s response to GOP lady not having an answer was priceless! “I didn’t bring my list today”

    Rod also made a good point, ask the people who have real issues about being marginalized to name a instance where they were targeted. Instead of “what about black on black crime”

  4. ReggieTap7

    It’s my opinion that the reason why some black people got upset with Jay’s freestyle is because he stepped on some toes. The line that stuck out to me was about us being skeptical of our own shit. Tell me where he’s lying…I’ll wait. Some of us will willingly throw our money at other brands but if it’s a product or service from our own, there are those who want a hookup, discount, or something for free. I go all the way back to Reasonable Doubt with Jay but right now, his service doesn’t offer me anything that Spotify doesn’t. I’m not switching away from a service i’m comfortable with to yours because I’m a fan. Tidal needs to differentiate itself from it’s competitors. It has a bit with it’s exclusive content, but it needs more. Hifi audio isn’t a selling point because you’re still streaming over a wifi or data connection, so how much better is the sound? I won’t rule out moving to Tidal, I just don’t have the desire to or now. I hope it’s a success though.

    I’ll also mention Blue Bell. Man we got two pints in the freezer right now. A couple weeks ago I went to the store and my wife asked me to bring back something sweet. Got some Blue Bell. We didn’t eat it that night and coincidentally, the next day is when they issued that nationwide recall. Aww dayum. Craigslist ad incoming!! 10Gs man!!

  5. uaintgottheansa

    not ‘are’..I meant: thats why everyone IS…ISSSSS! lol

  6. uaintgottheansa

    There are a million reasons why I support you all and since Ive discovered you guys about two months ago, Ive been in love with the show. With that said, this segment on Tidal reminds me of why I respect the two of you. You guys understand and respect business. Lots of people can’t. Thats why everyone are so butt hurt about it and his freestyle. He said NO LIES. NOT ONE.

    Now….onto this Blue Bell issue. =( I live in Houston and blue bell is LIFE. We are taken to field trips in elementary school and its like a right of passage. Its like crack. I have over four types in my freezer. After the recall, I figured I was still ok because I had eaten half of it and was fine. WRONG AS HELL. Ive been throwing up and sick. I had to check in and get fluids & medication for three and a half days.

    So yea….yall leave that crack alone. Its not worth it yall.

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