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958: Duggar Please


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Rod and Karen discuss the Duggars, Marina Abramovic, Apple gives 40 mil to HBCUs, Spotify diversifying, minimum wage up to $15 in LA buy 2020, Spotify teaming with Starbucks, Blue Bell being sued, BET Awards, Domino’s emoji ordering, F’in with black people, BallerAlert, cat killer, math pimping and sword ratchetness.Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT
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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I’m so damn torn with the NBA Finals this year yall. Lebron and the Cavs are playing well but damn the city of Cleveland and state of Ohio are fuckin up. I really feel like if the Cavs win the Finals some white folks are going to flip cars over, start some fires, but the black folks will get hit upside the head. I’m not surprised about the court decision for the Cleveland cop during the 137 round shootout, but the explanation is silly as hell. The explanations these courts give us after shooting or maiming unarmed black people insists that we don’t know any better. If that officer was so worried about his life, why did he charge the car and jump on the hood? We all know every bullet fired in the shooting didn’t hit the car, so the officers don’t even get in trouble for endangering the neighborhood? I’ll stop rambling its just really insulting how the courts are pretty ok with current police actions in the country.

  2. Kyle

    I can’t believe you guys got me listening to Trap Queen! Its so ratchet as hell, but so catchy too. I want the Spotify DJ at Starbucks to play this.

    As for the Duggars situation, can I just say that when it comes to reality tv white people have looked worse than black people? I also liked how, with the exception of Mike Huckabee, none of the GOP candidates defended them. Before they were taking pictures and cosigning them. Anyway, back to this Trap Queen and new Chance the Rapper album.

    P.S The Chance album is released under the name Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment and it isn’t on Spotify yet.

  3. PrinceLeron

    If it was any other family than the Duggars, I might have been able to empathize a little with their situation. You find out that your 14 year old son has been fondling his younger sisters, I somewhat understand why you wouldn’t contact the cops immediately. I imagine a lot of parents would try to find a way to protect all of their children is a case such as this. I may have tried to get therapy for everyone involved and not wanted the law to intervene. The problem is that the Duggars didn’t do any of that shit. They sent Josh to fake therapy and all the girls got was an apology. Imagine if one of the Duggar girls would have gotten knocked up at fourteen. I doubt Jim Bob and Michelle would be as forgiving to her as they were to Josh.

    It is also evident that Josh really didn’t learn shit. How can you molest people and still pretend to be holier than thou. It might help that he has two psychos as parents. And now the entire family is hiding behind religion like they are prone to do. Naw young, they have to talk about this. I just hope the women that he molested are not too affected by this. it would help if people stopped playing the “which sister did he molest” guessing game.

    Lasty, I did do something a little petty. I googled if Lena Dunham has made any comments about Josh Duggar, she hasn’t. They basically did the same shit but Lena seems a lot less unapologetic about hers.

  4. BreKatrice

    Yes! those Duggars will be back on tv. Why? Because many crazy white christian fanatics who look like them watch there show, and they’re not going to let their people fail. I am guilty of watching a few episode and the only thing I learned is how to make a bomb ass ice cream sandwich cake.

    As for that Duke “Professor,” what a dumbass. Back when I was in school a real professor and I wrote a paper on why Black Americans have what a lot of the world would describe as “ghetto.” It can all be traced back to the first publication of Alex Haley’s Roots in the Reader’s Digest in 1974. Blacks took names like Mark, Toya, and Shawn and added prefixes and suffixes to create Demarcus, Latoya, and Shaniqua. Thus, creating their own African connection in a country that cut them off from their original culture.

    So Karen is right when she says “what about the Asian who still have Asian first names?” this is no difference.

  5. Miss Krysable

    Oh and Rod, I hate you lol 😛 😉 🙂 :-* B-)

    Miss Krysable

  6. Miss Krysable

    Stopped the show after hearing again about that Asian American Duke professor. My biggest pet peeve next to white racism are other people of color looking down on American Blacks including other Black folk. It’s like if your family migrated over here after 65 then thank a black person and some nigger lovers because part of the Civil Rights Acts doofus was to let in more immigrants of color especially highly skilled ones so they could be paid less than American born and breed folks. So America is only picking the best and brightest Asians, Africans etc (with the exception of refugees) and y’all pass down y’all best and brightest genes.

    And on top of that dude mentioned internment camps… Does he know that American government gave those families almost 2 billion in reparations… Something black folk never got…providing a huge leg up for that community… Something black folk never got.

    I knew this and I’m an ignorant American Black person and my first name is spelled wrong. So this Asian American Duke professor with superior intellect must have also known this and is being purposefully malicious. Tsk tsk.

  7. EvieE

    First off, I’d like to start off my saying, Fuck the Duggars. Those self-righteous ass holes have projected an image of family values and good “Christian” living. They preach living a chaste life and when the kids are courting, they aren’t even allowed to give regular hugs. They have to side hug. What kind of bullshit is that?

    I’ve watched a few episodes of this garbage television show and they seem like this big happy family but you can tell the girls aren’t quite as happy as they pretend to be, why should they be when they’re raising their younger siblings while their mother pops out another future homophobe. These Duggars have actively campaigned against equal rights for the LGBT community and Michelle Duggar had the nerve to say that she fears transgender people sharing a bathroom with them will molest her kids when there was a molester in the family all along.

    Let’s not forget how all the defenders are talking about how Josh was a kid when it happened and all kids make mistakes. Josh was 14-15 at the time. Was Tamir Rice at 12 years old granted the same mercy when he was shot in cold blood and called a man. Fuck the Duggars and fuck all their supporters.

    Sorry for the long rant but these people are the epitome of white privilege and bigotry under the guise of Christianity.

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