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959: Daario Pope


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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss from MovieTrailerReviews.net and Justin to discuss #DemThrones, f’ing with black people, BallerAlert, pastor embezzles, whooping the kids, Sex Flags and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I’m loving this season of DemThrones and yalls recaps. I’m still all for Sansa and can’t wait to see what she’s going to do in the next few episodes now that she has an Oz shank. Rod got me thinking about Ramsey and his possession of the candle, I think it could be a mistake he didn’t light it for the tower. Yes he flayed the old woman but then again Brienne is still alive. Rod created a good scientific pole in the Podcast fandom group about Ramsey or Joffrey being more evil, its Ramsey all day. Did you all notice the first scene when Sansa meets him outside and he spends two seconds looking into her face before smiling? Its like he’s deciding in his head how long to torment a person. Scary.

    I wanted to ask you two if you think Cersei will make it out of prison and be free again? I’ve been thinking there could be some kind of prison break…but then again nobody likes that trick.

    Whatever happens though I’ll have to find out later since I won’t be watching the show anymore, that Gilly and Samwell rape was too much for me.

    I’m playing, yall have a great weekend.

  2. Ramsey Bolton

    Greetings and felicitations Roderick and Karen

    I must needs commend you on your most spirited impersonation of my elocution. My exhortation to that lowly beast Reek to watch while I took my wife was necessary, so impersonate me if you must. Your antics merely amuse me, for now, for if they didn’t it would behoove me to invite you hunting… and you know how I hunt.

    You must think that I am a monster. Do you think I take joy in inflicting pain. It’s a necessary evil. People are rarely reliable and they must be kept in check. Running a castle is no easy task. It is a highly complex endeavor leaving very little room for missteps. Why, just the other day I saw a stable hand stealing some grain from the stocks and it was left to me to rape his eldest daughter as punishment. Do you think I enjoyed that?

    Anyway I cannot tarry. I have a war to prepare for and a castle to run. You know how it is, approving dinner menus, bedding concubines and flaying mal-contented northerners.

    Yours in Flay

    Ramsey Bolton (formerly Snow)

  3. Sheila

    Rod, you imitation of Ramsey, makes me laugh so hard. Lol. “Oh no Reek, you watch”. Lol

  4. itjustme

    No, Egg (Aegon) was *not* the Mad King. The Mad King was Aerys, Egg’s son.

    • Anonymous

      Oh shoot you know dem facts

  5. jojomaeve

    The reason why we don’t see khaleesi breasts is because the actress said that she is not going to show her breasts anymore. I think the other main actresses have the same agreement. Also don’t be so hard on Dany she is like 13 when she marries Khal and Jon is 14 or 15 when he becomes commander. I think because she was so young she just used her dragons on people and it seemed great to all of us but it was just her being a teenager and not listening to people. Now she is trying to make real decisions and her age is kinda biting her in the butt. They are a lot older in the show but they still have the same actions from the books.

    Does anyone know about Dem Thrones theories. I hear people talking about who they think is going to die and who they think is going to win the throne and I just think to myself “if only they knew”. I just want to spoil everything.

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