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960: Speech Class


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Rod and Karen discuss refills on fries, drink machines, LHH Wedding, Games of Thrones rapes, hate crime, Memorial Day box office, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, Johnny Depp, Chris Brown child support, Cleveland PD settle with DOJ, selfie shot, DC torturer order pizza, GOP dude fired for tweets, the Duggars and BallerAlert.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Halfway through the baller alert comments I said to myself “I hope Rods reads all of these things”, and a few minutes later Rod said he’s gotta read em all. I’m so glad you guys are your own bosses and can make quick decisions like that. That “discussion” was too good, I love the baller alert ladies so damn much. Best part was toward the end when Redman’s wife would randomly talk to herself and the BA ladies were just like “get her the hell up out of here”. Thank yall for working so hard to bring us that good ratchetness.

  2. Wonga_5

    fuck those people who stand in line & then wait till they get to the front to start thinking about what they want. inconsiderate assholes.

    Also, us Aussie’s were just trying to stop them from punishing the world by making another one of those pirates movies. but all he had to do was declare the dogs & have them in a 10 day quarantine to have them down here.

    & yes we have laws, we have had laws for at least 10 years now

  3. btouch

    MANNNNNNNN…when did Shonda Rhimes and Lee Daniels start secret-posting at Baller Alert?

    This whole thing was ev-er-y-thing…like a soap opera come to life. First it wasn’t Redman’s wife, then it WAS Redman’s wife, then somehow a fight over this dude on death row weaved its way in as a B-story. Man, I had to listen to it twice; heck, might go a third time (while reading along) after a run to the grocery store for some popcorn!

    I don’t remember how I got through work and the gym before I discovered TBGWT. People probably wonder, tho, why I’m laughing like crazy in-between deadlifts or work assignments.

  4. C

    Rod….. Bruh…. I laughed for hours on my job. Gonna get wrote up. Then I am gonna have to go to Speech Class to get another job. This should get its own category of tippy. GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PrinceLeron

    How old does someone have to be before we can declare them shitty human-being? I need to know because I’m tired of Chris Brown getting these passes. I knew it was a problem when people blame pointed to his immaturity for the reason he beat Rihanna. And every time he does something fucked up, I hear people discuss how they are upset he hasn’t matured by now. Can we call him a mature piece of shit and move on. Chris Brown is not good person and I don’t understand why people root for him so hard.

    Also, M Night Shyamalan wouldn’t have been prepared for the twist in that BA thread. They were really arguing about a dude on death row. Great executive decision to read all of those comments. This is why you guys are the best.

  6. Crad1cus

    Is there a 2015 Tippy nomination list? Because this Baller Alert segment is the greatest!

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