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961: Ducks Die Nasty


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Rod and Karen discuss natural disasters linked to global warming, Pizza Hate, making plates, Flavor Flav arrested again, Marco Rubio still stupid, masturbation makes men’s hands pregnant, Chuck C Johnson banned from Twitter, sheriff arrest subpoena man, Popeyes walk out, robots working in McDonalds, kidnapping victim in Wendy’s, man wants to marry Malia Obama, Russia might ban social media, Larry Flynt feminism, Tracy Morgan settlement, Senior pranks, #SayHerName, Stepmom publicly humiliates step son with hair cut, f’ing with black people, BallerAlert, atomic wedgie of death, woman attacks boyfriend, ducks die nasty and sword ratchetness.


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  1. PrinceLeron

    How old is the nigga that offered livestock for Malia Obama’s hand in marriage. Malia was 10 years old when the dude first gained interest. Maybe in Kenya you can get a law degree at a young age but this sounds like some pedo shit.

    And I agree with you guys about parenting for the internet especially when is comes to bad grades. That boy had to be failing all year in order for it to be necessary for him to repeat a grade. It seemed as if this was the first time this was discussed. She boasted about all the punishment the child would receive but what about help? Parental involvement is the most influential factor in determining a child’s academic success. So I would like to see a video of her driving that boy to a learning center for providing to some tutoring herself.

  2. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    Regarding the hilarious robots at McDonald’s segment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_cfsZ9O6QA

  3. Think Pretty Smart

    Weed smoking aside, whenever anyone punishes their kids for flunking a grade, I wonder how it got all the way to failing a grade. I’ve watched many parents beat and punish a kid over bad grades ASSUMING the kid is lazy and that if they beat him, they will have a miraculous turn around. But the reality is that the child may sincerely not understand the information AND be too embarrassed to speak up. This is especially true if the child has at least been an average student up until that point and this is their first real taste of consistent failure. I wonder what interventions she, his dad, and/or his biological mom took prior to him failing the seventh grade and coming home high.

    Also, I’m torn about this being a step-mom. I’ve seen people take issue with that. But if a child is eating her food in her house, I guess she has some say. And if she was giving accolades for him being a model student, I don’t think people would even bring up her status as his step-mom. On the other hand, maybe she’s not taking her authority too far IF the biological parents support her brand of punishment.

  4. prince Akhim

    As much as I don’t like what that step mom did to her kid it just might work. I remember when I was messing up in school on 7th grade my mom made me wear uniform clothes for the whole semester. Ya boy came back with straight A’s. I got tired of explaining why I was always wearing white Polos and kswiss. I also got NO girls that whole semester because of it.I hope that Lil boy gets his stuff together.

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