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SMR 58: Tomorrowland

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Rod and Karen review Disney’s Tomorrowland.


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    Save for a couple of solid performances & the visual flare, Tomorrowland is such an uninspiring movie. For a movie that cost nearly $200M, stars George Clooney & is directed by Brad Bird, there’s hardly much that was redeeming.

    The little girl robot, Agatha was cool &, for me, the best thing here. Kasey, played by, Britt Robertson, overacted so hard here to play a late teenager, considering she’s 25 in real-life. Clooney’s just ok & Hugh Laurie is sadly wasted doing his best to play a decent villain.

    The whole movie is basic & even all the technology Disney threw into this, it still underwhelms. I wanted to like this film, but it’s a big fat nah.

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