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964: The Lemming Offensive


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Rod and Karen are joined by Ba from Fiyastarter.com Podcast and Justin to discuss #DemThrones. Rod was sick so they had to end the show early but fear not we added an extra episode of Lip Smacking Good to the end featuring @CerromeRussell in case you’ve never heard it before.

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  1. Marcus

    (Continued from prematurely posted poll comment)

    Joffrey got taken out by Arya before she’d ever met Syrio Forel. He’s not on Ramsay’s level.

    As for the show, I genuinely feel bad for the principled folk who stuck through 4 1/2 seasons of the show and decided the Sansa scene was their line, causing them to miss out on this episode. That’s not even meant to be sarcastic. Okay, maybe a little bit, but still. This episode was the reason everyone watches. It was greatness, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

    That’s it, that’s all, love the show. Peace.

  2. EvieE

    The white walker king had the best “come at me bro” pose ever. Jon Snow couldn’t do anything but say oh shit. Because I really like Jon Snow, I have a feeling he’s not going to survive this season. I think Ollie might poison his wine because that little boy is not ready to forgive Jon for asking the wildlings to come inside castle black. However it may or may not happen, I’m preparing myself for the worse. 🙁

  3. Anonymous

    The Gamblers Odds are paid based on the route the Captain/Merchant chooses and how dangerous the route is., If the Captain makes it his bet probably pays little odds, If the Captain doesn’t make it, well that’s the payoff and the odds are probably 100 to 1, maybe even 500 to 1 some outrages amount.. Its has to be that otherwise why would the Gambler turn down free money… He looked at the paper and saw how dangerous the odds were and was like Hell NAAW you not even going to live though this.. you’re going to Hardhome for pizza delivery…

  4. Cappadonna

    1. Great Show as always, Team.
    2. Rod I hope you’re feeling better and got some rest.
    3. Can we officially call Ramsey the Hollywood Cole of Winterfell?
    4. I’m predicting that next season, its all about John Snow uniting the Seven Kingdoms against the Walkers. Except, nobody listening to some break baby who was sent to the Wall, until multiple kingdoms fall to the Wights. Then it will be down to John, Dany and Tyrion vs an army of Zombies and Ice Demons. Well, that’s just a thought anyway.

    That’s it – keep it pushin’.


  5. Anonymous

    Whoa! Whoa! WHAT IS THIS?! Demthrones is out already?! AND JUSTIN is in this one?! I haven’t heard it yet (my Fiance won’t let me because she wants me to wait until she’s free-FOR TWO FREAKIN DAYS!!!), but I’m just so happy you guys put this out already. AND THEN, I heard Rod was sick? and STILL came through like Jordan in 97′?! Oh…I’m gonna donate for this. …might as well use her credit card too, since she’s making me wait.

    Keep doin good things, y’all.

  6. areynolds

    Hi Rod and Karen. I don’t usually leave comments but I can’t help myself with this one. I don’t have anyone else to theorize with when it comes to Game of Thrones. 1) I’m not sure if you all realized, but I think it was season 2 or 3 when we found out the babies are taken in by White Walkers. They use them to create more White Walkers. If you noticed at the end of that episode when they showed them all surrounding the baby, he opened his eyes and they were blue like the White Walkers. So they can turn the dead into an army, but the babies increase the actual White Walker numbers. They can’t turn the dead into White Walkers. 2) I was so excited when John Snow finally realized that his sword could kill White Walkers. If you remember, the Lannisters melted his fathers sword because it was made of Valerian Steel which is forged by dragon fire. Valeria is where the dragons are from. All of the Stark men were given swords made of Valerian steel and the Night’s Watch had been sending notices to the Iron Throne for more Valerian steel but Cercai’s dumbass kept saying they didn’t need it. If Dragon Glass can kill White Walkers, it makes sense that Valerian steel can as well. It makes me wonder what will happen when Danyris finally crosses the ocean and brings her dragons to the Iron Throne. Will their dragon fire defeat the White Walkers? My aunt is trying to ruin it for me because she read the books and there is some prophecy about Bran. However, we have already seen that the tv show can stray from the book so they may use the dragons. I hope so!

    SN: If I were Sanza, I would have killed Ramsey and said Reek did it. They will have to believe her over him.

    Anyway you have probably already figured this out but I just like to talk about Game of Thrones.

  7. Anonymous

    Meagan good”i hate him”

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