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967: The Roast Of Shireen


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rae Sanni of the Three A Negroes Podcast and Justin to discuss #DemThrones, microwaved potato, weave and run and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    I had a couple questions for yall going into the finale:

    1. Cersei cut off the maester as he was saying “there is a way out”, what do you think he meant?

    2. Do you think Sansa has tried to get more information out of Reek/Theon while Ramsey has been away?

    I still like Stannis but I’m worried this Fire Lady ain’t that good at predicting the future, how did she not see the Ramsey attack? Great episode and recap, I’m glad I finally watched all the episodes and was able to listen to DemThrones live this year.

  2. prince Akhim

    Stannis is a POS but…… He not a flaying rapist though. So he is the lesser of 2 evils I guess. Also they some hatin ass niggas at the wall. They looked at the wildlings like black kids at pool parties. After this episode I hope the Mother of Dragons gets some type of TSA program for the city. Y’all were setting former slaves next to their old slave owners and expected shit not to pop off??? They weren’t checkin for gold masks at the door??? Grey worm still in the hospital the cant just give up on the search for them. Smh

  3. EvieE

    A few observations from the last episode:

    I still think Jon Snow is going to die. Way too much foreshadowing.

    I also think Marcella or Tommen is going to die in the next episode making the witch’s prophecy come true. Cercei was stupid to send Jamie to Dorn, 1, because he’s her only ally and 2 because Dorn is the safest place for Marcella.

    I think Dany will save her friends courtesy of Drogon and of course Lionel Richie was behind that ambush. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Daario had something to do with it either. He was pushing way too hard to become Dany’s husband.

    I never thought I’d say this, but I actually agree with Justin. I’m totally shipping Tyrion and Missande. Sure Greyworm has her on lock now, but when it’s time for her to get the D, what the hell is Greyworm going to do for that tender young thing? Fingers and tongue can only satisfy but for so long.

    As always your Dem Thrones recap was excellent. It always gets me to see things from a different angle and pick up on things I may have missed. I’m so going to miss this show until next season.

  4. Amil

    First of all. Y’all ain’t shit for that episode title.

    Second, I have to hope you’re wrong about Jon Snow. After this season which has been characterised by misery at all levels, we need something redeeming. Last season our redemption was Tyrion killing his daddy and escaping and Arya making her way to the free city of Braavos in the final episode. Here’s what we have seen so far this season:

    Sansa on a regular rape cycle;
    Barristan Selmy getting killed and Grey Worm incapacitated;
    Dany’s “Richard Bremer III in Iraq” level of governance of Mereen, culminating in her fleeing on her loyalists;
    the introduction of paedophilia;
    and the burning of Shireen at the stake. Let’s think about that for a minute. A child was burned at the stake on the off-chance her daddy might benefit from the spilling of royal blood. Even for GoT that’s some fucked up shit.

    Maybe I’m misremembering past seasons but this one seems more heart breaking than previous ones. That said, based on all that has happened I’m hoping the writers don’t give us a Kenard/Omar situation (RIP Omar Little the trillest stick-up kid in TV history). Maybe just maybe that noble bastard will Jon Snow will prevail. If he dies I’m going to stop watching this fucking show, until it returns for season 6 of course.

    Thanks for the great recaps guys.

    Valaar Margoulis


  5. Rekkapryde

    Well gotdamn at the show title!

  6. Hiroja Shibe

    Really y’all that is the name of the Ep.

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