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968: Black People Can’t Swim

Motel manager pouring acid in the water when black people swam in his pool, 1964 2

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Rod and Karen discuss a girl committing suicide after public shaming video, Boston bomber’s friend goes to prison, forced family sex on LGBT in India, Emma Sulkowicz goes next level, Lil Wayne starts the violence, NYPD arrest a 17 year old girl for turning him down, NYPD on Facebook, Diva beef, Bobby Flay slander, NYPD cop steals dead man’s credit card, McKinney pool debacle and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mus1ckk

    Hey Rod How’re you guys doing I’m new here and would like to point out that I read somewhere that one african american guy who lives there said that some of the folks in that area of Caucasian decent called the police because he was fishing and the police officer knew what happened and since its been happening to that guy for the past decade, but thats all i wanted to say and keep up the good work you guys

  2. AJtheEngineer

    Great episode yall. I finally had “that talk” with my friends about the McKinney video and damn I am pissed. Both my friends ( college educated black men), kept saying the group of kids shouldn’t have “rushed” the officer. I kept arguing that a cop should be able to stay calm against a teenager but they didn’t want to hear it. I also kept on bringing up the fact that the cop was only focusing on a certain color of teenager, but they brushed that off too saying the kids didn’t live in the neighborhood. I know black folks don’t think the same thing but when you have a part of the black population (13%) agreeing with the bullshit I don’t know how we’re going to ever get through these issues and progress. I thought I was going crazy until I heard yall’s opinions, thanks for breaking down the video so well.

    Have a good weekend everybody.

  3. Jonathan

    White people are really touchy about their pools. When I was about five or six my family went to Disney World and stayed at a nearby hotel with a pool. There was a heat wave and naturally we went down to go swimming.

    The white people in the pool were screaming and yelling at us, saying they didn’t want niggers in the water. My dad tried to talk to them instead of beating them up. After a few minutes in the heat I just jumped in the water.

    Those racist assholes flew from the water like Jaws just showed up. There was only one white boy and his mom that stayed in the pool. My brother and I hung out with that white kid for the whole trip. The best part was swimming in our “private” pool for the rest of the vacation, no other white people got into the pool while we were there.

    Meghan Kelly on Fox needs to examine her life. If Mark “I’ll frame any nigger” Fuhrman is the rational, least racist, white person in a conversation with more than one white person, there’s a problem.

  4. Kyle

    At this point, I’m more upset at the cops who don’t do anything about their loose cannon buddies than the dirty cops. I don’t think people realize that these cops can move up the ranks like everyone else.

  5. g2-f6acf9454b845fc59e768b19c7832082

    I’m right there with you, Karen, I can’t believe that I actually agreed with something Mark Fuhrman said.

    When Casebolt first had that girl pinned to the ground he was kneeling on her inner thigh, the pain must have been incredible. (In a shorter video taken from the other direction you can see it clearly.)

    Voice dripping with sarcasm, talk radio douchebag said, “He didn’t show up to a tea party.” Well, since you bring up tea parties…
    If it were a Tea Party event it would be all white people and most of them would be carrying loaded guns, including AR-15s, and the cops would be totally comfortable and at ease around them.
    So black and brown teens in swimwear are threatening, while angry white men carrying loaded guns are no problem. t(-.-t)

    (Note: “Cache” is pronounced like cash.)

  6. Anonymous

    The fact that those kids live in the subdivision has to be stressed. These weren’t barbaric invaders. I grew up in Fort Walton Beach,Fl area during the 80’s and 90’s well after Jim Crow. The swimming pools were mysteriously closed for the black residents. We even had a nigger beach. White folks cared less that our parents paid rent there or that it was a public beach. We had cops called on us as well. White folks lose their natural mind when blacks try to share the damn pool. Thank you for sharing you experience growing up. I can relate.

  7. ChelsC

    That muthaf**ka rolled in there like he was in an episode of Reno 911!!

  8. A poor engineering student

    You that cat gotta die.

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