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969: Transracial


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Rod and Karen give you a late night edition of the podcast where they discuss Chipotle manager who was rude, McKinney update, NYC ferry hustler arrested, a Chick Fil-A supporting a gay pride event, Mariah Carey is on Match.com, breast feeding, Lucifer TV show gets boycotted, the Duggars, no tips leads to more profits, charges dropped for graduation, the briefcase, BallerAlert, Wobbles the gun runner, naked flag waver, food tampering roommate and sword ratchetness.

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  1. prince Akhim

    Anyone notice how Chet alone wants to say nigga on Instagram. I have yet to hear him say it out loud. Which lets me know he knows he is wrong. The TV show about Lucifer should stay on. He feared god too so I don’t see the problem. He was just tired of being #2. Great episode like always though! Keep up the good work

  2. Anonymous

    First, y’all are the best…

    Also, how bad do you have to piss off your parents so they out you as WHITE?

  3. Kyle

    Mariah Carey sounds like the smokers on those anti-smoking commercials now. I know her mother was shaking her head at that new song. Being Mariah’s former vocal coach and all.

  4. Kate Sherrill MLS (@KateSherrill)

    IRT the white female detained by police, she is Grace Stone a friend of the girl who was attacked by the racist white women. When she tried to tell the police what really happened they put her in cuffs.

    For more details see this article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/davidmack/what-caused-mckinneys-pool-to-boil-over#.iyj5WQ2me Look for the paragraph that starts, “Jennifer Stone, the mother of”.

  5. Amani

    Oh Yeah, and FUCK Chet Haze!

  6. Amani

    Midnight Show? Y’all the real MVPs! But on the real don’t feel guilty about taking vacations and breaks when y’all need it. We appreciate the content and the hard work that goes into it, but as much as we love the show we love the King and Queen more.

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