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971: Bye Rachel


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Rod and Karen are joined by Reggie from What’s The Tea to talk about what it’s like being an actor, Zoe Saldana’s husband, Snoop Dogg is about his money, John Amos on Good Times, Mylie Cyrus is try sexual, transgender discrimination in AZ bar, Lark Vorhees married a thug, Ken Ham, Rick Scott wants women to go to the clinic twice for abortions, Rachel Dolezal, locked out the house over night, hot car death, lick the butt bribe and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I like how Karen kept throwing shade at Lark Vorhees outfit during that article. Ice cold man, Ice cold.

  2. Ms. Smart

    If you are pregnant and you’ve made the decision to terminate the pregnancy, you should be able to get it done in the least invasive way possible. Time is of the essence–especially for women with limited resources (financial and health care access). If a woman is 7 to 9 weeks pregnant, she can take a pill, commonly known as the abortion pill–followed by another pill taken at home. There’s no suction or anesthesia. But this is IF she gets to a doctor early enough and isn’t forced into a torturous waiting game! A few days too late and the pill option is lost. Then she has to go with the aspiration method (vacuum method) or the D&E (dilation and evacuation). They love showing pictures of allegedly aborted fetuses. However, they conveniently ignore that the less invasive option exists but only EARLY.

  3. PrinceLeron

    There is so much to talk about but I will keep it brief.

    Firstly, I’m tired of see the articles discussing the plausibility of a white person being the president of a NAACP chapter. Black people are not even disputing that shit. Black people are upset because of the lying and claiming false life experiences. And America has never given anyone a pass for this level of “exaggeration.” If that is the case, Brian Williams should have his job back. He was in the war zone, why should it matter if his helicopter went down or not. Or is this the only situation too complicated for the truth.

    Secondly, why are these black academics trying so hard to be understanding and analytical? They can’t see the forest for the trees. I understand that some of them are excited by something new in the scope of race but they need to slow down. Even if transracial could be a thing, this is not the case to prove shit.

    Third, why is everyone stopping so short with their Dolezal-Jenner comparisons? They need to keep going and talk about the shit that Caitlyn Jenner didn’t do. Caitlyn never tried to put the struggles of being a woman on Bruce’s shoulder. Bruce only had to deal with his gender identity. Rachel wants sympathy for being white, black and transracial. Even if she fooled everyone Rachel had no experiences as a black woman until after college.

    Lastly, I hope that someone will ask her some good questions. For example, what was her first experience as a black woman. If she really is “transracial” that would be a very significant moment in her life.

  4. Ratty Gadsen

    Alternative show title: “Rachel tourism.”

  5. sheila

    Spot on about Rachel, hilarious show by the way. Lol at that song her husband made for her.

  6. Anonymous

    Bruh, that dude reminded me how 50 was rapping in the beginning as a kid in Get rich or die trying. shit was just garbage

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