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TNO 48: Elon Musk Is A Bond Villain


Rod, Karen, Kriss and Sterling discuss nerd shit. Included in this podcast is an epic rant from Karen about the Fable Beta, Destiny, Witcher 3 let’s Sterling down, Rod’s new Sparkle addiction, Karen flying around in Child of Light, Kriss is haunted by Life is Strange, Game of Thrones, Angry Birds Star Wars, DOA 5. Secret Wars is confusing, Alex + Ada, The Boys, Lazarus, The Chew, Ms Marvel, Y the Last Man, Fables. Defiance, Constantine, Sense 8, Marco Polo, the old school Flash, Mad Max, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, Ex-Machina, Age of Ultron, Kung Fury.

Dark Knight 3: The Master Race announced, John Wick and the Equalizer get a sequel, the Rock will star in Big Trouble In Little China remake, Black Widow didn’t get a toy, Hideo Kojima pervs out again, Minority Report TV show, Marvel is separating themselves from the mutants, Supergirl trailer, Jaden might be Static Shock, Lumber Janes gets a movie and The Wicked and The Divine get a TV show, Johnny Quest movie, M Night still doesn’t get what went wrong with the Last Airbender, Punisher coming to Daredevil, Marshawn Lynch is in Black Ops 3, a ComicCon panel on women has no women on it and Elon Musk is a Bond Villain.

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  1. NatashaP

    Karen’s rants are always amazing but her nerd rants are the reason I’m a stan. Thank you for that ether, Karen. Thank you.

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