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Rod and Karen are joined by Chris Lamberth of the Mundane Festival podcast to discuss doing a career you love, loving yourself while being single, working on 12 Years A Bringer, Raven Symone says Black Twitter doesn’t like her, more Tillie news, confederate flag fall out, Obama shuts down heckler, teacher fired for McKinney social media posts, Taco Bell uses black slang, guy wants Al Sharpton to not come to McKinney even though he was never planning to go, BallerAlert, rapist police officer, poison prankster and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Jonathan

    Hi Karen and Rod,

    The woman who heckled the president was trying to protest the deportation policy in regards to LGBT people. It’s an important issue in regards to seeking asylum and recognizing marriage equality, however I’ve never seen heckling work. The speaker has the mic and heckler just looks like an annoying jack ass even if you have a point. The White House has the petition site and not heckling but bending the staffers ears during the party would be more effective. She just wouldn’t have gotten attention.

    The defenders of the Confederate flag have to accept the fact that they’re defending a racist regime. The Confederacy’s founding documents say slavery is the reason they committed treason. State’s rights only come up in regards to the fear that Lincoln would take away their right to slavery and that the north wasn’t cooperating in the Fugitive Slave Act, at least to the extent that they wanted.

    The stars and bars wasn’t even the official flag of the Confederacy but a battle flag of a Virginia regiment. The swastika has more heritage behind it since it was used in Buddhism for centuries, not saying I wouldn’t assume a person displaying either symbol is racist and keep it moving.

  2. HilaryB.

    First I must say this: I listen to your show religiously…and I LOVE IT! I live in Los Angeles and outside of my boyfriend I don’t really hangout with many people, because I just often don’t have anything in common with people. In my mind, as crazy as it sounds, you two are my friends lol. This show to me exemplifies what real journalism is about: loaded with intelligent commentary, witty, creative, passionate, progressive, and structured.. But ALWAYS HONEST. You two have a true talent. …Because of my career, I work in a predominantly white male industry (there are 2 women in my department and I’m the only black one), I can’t rant how I’d like to on social media about something that has been bothering me terribly, something I just want to scream to the entire world: I HATE WHITE PEOPLE. I honestly do. I’ve felt this way since I was 7 yrs old and transferred to the magnet program at a school that was pretty much all white. I was treated terribly by students AND teachers, mind you this was in the 90’s NOT the 50’s (as they love to make us think racism magically stopped then). My interactions with them as child, and now as an adult have left me with the same conclusion about them: THEY ARE NATURALLY WICKED. I’m a huge lover of history, and so studying world history…this also aids in my opinion of them. Every place on this planet that they’ve touched they have destroyed to the core. I have honestly concluded that they are mutant human beings. Meaning, their destructive social behavior is a form of severe mental illness, like an extreme chemical imbalance, which is genetically coded within them from their ancestral line. As much as the media (attempts) to say we (humans) are all the same inside, we are not. This is an open fact. Africans and Europeans differed in progression at some point. They lived like savages, in extremely harsh weather conditions, and I believe in that time period something occurred that has caused them to become the monstrous beings they are. .. With alllllll of the things happening in this country lately to my beautiful black people, at the merciless hands of whites…I’m having a hard time even being semi social with white ppl. I’m not crazy, I’m not religious at all, and I don’t have anger issues. I’m just so damn tired of them. I mean I am just TIRED Rod & Karen. I’ve often wondered if I can stay living in this country for the remainder of my life, that is how much I hate the way it oppresses us. Do you two ever get like this with your feelings? Please let me know, I truly value your thoughts. Everyday I wake up there’s something else happening to us. At work I have to listen to sooooo many subliminal racist comments, none of them are ever blatant because you know the new racists know how to protect they fuck ass selves…. I’m just tired. When I look at them all I see is sheer disgust. I don’t ever want to interact with them if it is big business related. Am I wrong? Am I crazy? Please, give me your opinions.

  3. Kyle

    The worst part about that Jeezy song was that he didn’t change his ad libs. Ugh

    • jeeszy

      That’s Riiiiiiighht, ha, haaa

  4. vcthree

    Hello Rod and Karen:

    With regard to the White House heckler, my understanding is that it was a transwoman activist, Jennicet Gutiérrez, who was protesting the administration’s stance on LGBTQ deportations, which has led to some activists claiming that Gutierrez was effectively silenced at a Pride event in the White House, and once again, it’s Fuck Obama season on social media.

    We’ve been over this before. Two years ago, a LGBT activist named Ellen Sturtz interrupted Michelle Obama’s speech at a DNC fundraiser demanding the president sign an executive order to bar federal contractors from discriminating against LGBTs, and the First Lady got annoyed and threatened to walk off. But activists claimed then that Sturtz was silenced.

    Here’s how I see it: Gutierrez did what she did to garner attention, which is her right. Yet, if you’re going to be disruptive, then you gotta go. It’s not your stage. If all the people claiming Gutierrez was silenced were interrupted in the same way, would they stand there and just tolerate it? Being interrupted while trying to speak is one of the most aggravating things anyone has to deal with. So they’re expecting the President to be above that aggravation, and just let people interrupt him when he’s talking, because they support that cause?

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