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980: Stanning For Obama


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Cappadonna

    Yo – just making the point, that I didn’t that angry ass letter. I’m bitter, but damn!! I want to give this dear sister a hug and some mint tea. Its not that bad and hating white people isn’t worth aneurysm. She sounds like she need a vacation. That woman gave a flashback to crazy ex. Terry is that you?

    All jokes aside, Karen as always is insightful. This sister probably needs to sit down and talk out her issues. Her issues probably aren’t with white people per say, its more than likely she’s angry about something else it just focused on white people. Same way Dylan Roof and Elliot Rodgers were obvious disturbed people who chose to focus black people and women, respectively.

    Walking around that level of anger is a heart attack waiting to happen and pent up, unreasonable wrath is pretty much the kernel to the wife beater’s operating system. Like my pops, the angriest of angry black men, said when he turned 60 at some point being pissed off all the time is just gonna put you in an early grave.

    Just sayin’

    – Cappa

    • Cappadonna

      BTW – Just for the record, me saying those mofos were bonkers isn’t me trying to dismiss reality about racism and sexism that fueled those dudes. Dylan Roof is a hardcore new school Klansman and Elliot Rodgers was an angry misogynist who would make even the most ardent MRA blush. Sorry, just wanted to clarify.

  2. Wakandan

    Hate is a strong word. I prefer dislike.

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