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Rod and Karen discuss the Obama’s latest heckler, Trans rights in deportation facilities, a county stops ALL marriages, Gay parade flag mistaken for ISIS flag, sharks attacking people, one of the convicts gets shot, black churches mysteriously burning in the south, Donnie McClurkin, Bristol pregnant again, gummy fat women dentist, vandalizing a corpse, man sue prison guards for sexual harassment and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    If this Immigration stuff gets sorted out, most of the credit should go to Obama. Because most of the heat has been directed to the president.

  2. EvieE

    Jennicet Gutierrez picked the right President to heckle because had it been Bush, people (white people) would have been calling to have her deported. The fact that she’s undocumented in this country and has the audacity to heckle the President in the White House just underlines the blatant disrespect people have for this man. Knowing her precarious status in this country she was literally daring him to do something to her for speaking out. While I think her message is important, I was one of those people who wasn’t interested in hearing it because of her methods. All those people caping for her is fine, but they refuse to acknowledge that the President had a right to respond. What people are upset about is the audacity of this black man to remind them that he’s in the White House.

    As for Bristol Palin, I think it’s hilarious that she says she can do anything with God by her side. Apparently that excludes keeping her legs closed. What a hypocrite.

  3. PrinceLeron

    I’ve never liked MHP so I’m for any opportunity to slander her in any almost any way. The problem with all academics, white and black, is that they will never admit that some issues are simple and not worth exploration. And they try way too hard to be understanding for no reason. Also, we have allowed academics to move out of there range. The are not be heard from daily or even weekly. The strength of any academic lies in their ability to research a very specific topic and provide insight. The piece Ta-Nehisi Coates did on reparations is a great example on that. When they start speaking constantly on varying topics, they have the same chances of wrong as everyone else.

    Also, I’ve never been so excited by a pregnancy announcement as I was by Bristol Palin’s. I hope she does abstinence talks for the rest of her life and keeps getting paid. I love when fake Christians groups like the Candie’s foundation throw away money.

  4. OttoDeFe

    Sampson has a few thoughts about Donnie McClurkin, too.


  5. Chris from Hawaii

    I’m amazed at how little most citizens have regarding what the President can and can’t do. I mean, if you’re an advocate for your group yelling for an Executive Order from a president who is, by all standards an all to your cause, you need to have done your due diligence to ensure you don’t ask him for something you know he can’t deliver – even if he wanted to.

    The Little Shop of Horrors reference had me laughing out loud. My personal favorite part is when Bill Murray shows up. His entire scene is hilarious.

  6. Anzidavis

    Yassss to the references to “Little Shop of Horrors”, it was everythang!!!!!

  7. Jonathan

    Gutiérrez was there for civil disobedience, to get her cause talked about by the LGBT community and the mainstream. The president was the most respectful person I heard in the room, even saying she could stay before her continued heckling made it clear she did’t want to do so. President Obama has tried to do executive orders on immigration but unfortunately congress has to pass legislation to make a difference. Even if his executive orders weren’t challenged, as soon as a Republican got into office the executive orders would change. Some of the more extreme Republicans want to impeach him for what he has done on immigration as it its.

    To be honest, I think she thought she would have been removed sooner and that the room would have taken up her cause. The one thing I do know is never underestimate the power of White privilege even among LGBT people. I used to be the president of a gay straight alliance at college and when intersectional issues came up it was like I was speaking High Valyrian or something.

    There are a lot of rights that need to be won. Transgender people of color are disproportionately represented as victims of hate crimes. There is employment and housing discrimination, etc. Since most of these issues effect minorities and transmen/transwomen disproportionately they aren’t usually discussed as major issues for the community as a whole like marriage was.

    Gutierrez should have known what she was getting into. Most Grindr and Jack’d profiles I’ve seen state “no fats, no fems, no Asians.” I’ve heard a range of homophobic slurs from other other gay guys when I’ve dated fem guys. The shit I’ve heard when I was dating male to female (MTF) or female to male (FTM) transpeople is ridiculous. As a Black gay guy going on dates at times it’s less that you’re a Black guy with a dick and more that you’re a Black dick with a guy attached.

    On a lighter note, Bristol Palin lol. She made a career of judging people and invading their privacy but now she wants privacy and not to be judged. Pardon my schadenfreude

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